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Local Brand Management
Chatmeter is the first Local Brand Management (LBM) platform. We're helping large franchises and agencies with hundreds of locations measure and improve their brand visibility and reputation for each store location.
Turn a Negative into a Positive
Customers are talking and potential customers are listening. 1 negative review for a business can drive away 30 customers! Use our daily alerts to instantly respond, engage customers, and increase loyalty.
Perfect For Agencies
Our white-label platform allows agencies to win more business with customer audit reports, increase revenues with new offerings, and improve customer satisfaction with automated reporting systems.
Analyze Your Chains
Our Location-Based Analytics platform will tell you which locations are doing well and which are not. we can analyze and report on performance at the national, regional, and local level.
Competition Is Fierce
Benchmark your store's brand, marketing effectiveness and reputation against national, regional, and local competitors to beat them at every level.
Analyze Your Brand Locally

Analyzed over 100,000 storefronts and tens of millions of customer reviews, social media mentions, blogs, and articles since 2010.

Who We’ve Helped

Local Brand Management

Chatmeter has developed the first Local Brand Management platform that provides franchises and agencies with tools and analytics for understanding and improving their brand at the local level. Our service measures the online marketing effectiveness of each location by analyzing its online visibility and reputation, benchmarking its performance against other local competitors, and providing personalized recommendations for improvement via a simple dashboard and daily email alerts.