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Advanced AI built to help you understand your customers

Got a question about your customers or locations? Meet Signals, the fastest way to get the exact insight you need — and what to do about it.

Make decisions based on real customer feedback quickly and effortlessly.

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Step 1
Ask a question.
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Step 2
Signals analyzes every review.
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Step 3
...and creates a concise summary with your next steps.

What will you achieve?

Retain every customer.

Understand exactly where and why your customers are writing negative reviews, sharing negative social posts and more — so you can take action faster and fix the issue.

Your instant product research survey is here.

Spot check how new products and offers are perceived by customers. Make adjustments to your strategy quickly and easily to win.

Monitoring your progress just got easier.

Track the success of the changes you’re making by getting an instant view of how those changes affect your customers.

Welcome to the new era of reputation management

Go from weeks of data analysis to insights in seconds — brought to you by the industry’s leading AI.

See it in action.

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