Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | May 8, 2023

How AI technology is changing reputation management

How AI technology is changing reputation management

3 ways AI technology is rapidly changing reputation management

From the headline-grabbing chatbot ChatGPT to the realistic images created by DALL-E, generative artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days. While newsfeeds and social media channels buzz with equal parts excitement and trepidation behind AI technology, one thing feels certain — AI is here to stay.

AI technology is quickly changing the online brand reputation management landscape as well, and not just because AI is trending worldwide. Instead, generative AI offers exciting avenues for strengthening client relationships, improving online reputation and ratings, and freeing up invaluable resources.

There are three amazing ways brands can leverage some of today’s most fascinating innovations:

1. Increase genuine customer engagement while scaling your brand

It’s undeniable that higher revenue, thriving storefronts, and fulfilled employees are a sign of growth. However, none of this would be possible without happy customers singing your praises to the world. When brands expand, it’s harder to ensure people on and offline feel heard, acknowledged, and appreciated. This is why it’s so imperative to continue to support authentic customer engagement as a brand scales.

Before AI, meeting growing customer expectations felt time-consuming, complicated, expensive, or even impossible. This includes the essential review response process — a vital component of a reputation strategy that can often be pushed aside when the number of posts feel overwhelming. By taking advantage of review response tools that integrate with NLP and AI capabilities, marketing teams of any size can generate, and reply to, significantly more online comments in less time. Now that’s what we call growth!

2. Reply to every online review authentically with AI-assisted review response

We now know that beyond the suggested review response tools and templates, AI and NLP offer faster ways to create personalized and authentic replies, rather than cycle through a library of response options.

With Chatmeter’s AI-powered review response brands can respond to every review – positive, neutral, or negative – with consistency and authenticity every time. And while this is exciting, it’s important to remember that these tools can’t fully replace the oversight and nuances of a living, breathing person. So don’t forget to review the responses AI Generator created for you. See something you don’t like? No problem, simply click the “AI Generator” button to generate a new response or click into the response and make your edits.

AI-assisted responses with Chatmeter’s AI Generator provide a consistent brand voice and a speedy response to your customers, all while building brand trust through customer engagement.

3. Understand the minds of your customers with real-time sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a great way to track what customers are saying about your brand. By analyzing the sentiment of their reviews, you’ll gain valuable insights, and be able to identify where your CX is successful, and the areas in need of improvement.

Chatmeter’s Pulse sentiment analysis tool has long leveraged AI and Natural Language Processing to read, analyze, and report on millions of customer reviews and comments about your brand. Pulse provides a visual and highly intuitive way to track trends and pinpoint what matters most to your customers. And let’s face it, knowing what’s on your customer’s minds helps you and your team strategize about what comes next.

Only time will tell exactly what the future holds for reputation management and AI technology. Ultimately, AI can be incredibly powerful in bolstering your brand reputation management arsenal. Just don’t forget that it’s one tool within that arsenal — not a replacement. By following best practices for AI use and implementation, connecting deeply with customers, and ensuring the authentic human voice behind your brand never fades, you’ll be on your way to growing your strongest online presence yet.

Chatmeter’s AI generator for social posts and review responses helps you stay competitive at the local level, save time, and increase employee productivity with intelligent, unique content that will connect with your customers in real-time across your enterprise.

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