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If you don’t control the online conversation around your brand, in time, someone else will. Establishing a robust reputation management strategy is only the beginning. You also need the power of AI to truly understand what your customers are saying and where opportunities for growth lie.


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Multi-location brands everywhere are reaping the benefits of Chatmeter’s AI-powered brand intelligence and reputation management tools. You can be too!

Learn how A&W elevated its customer experience and
5-star ratings

Fast-food customers today have an ever-increasing abundance of dining options. A&W struggled to claim the top spot on search results pages and turned to Chatmeter for help.

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See how Brookshire Brothers boosted its online visibility and grew its revenues

As Brookshire Brothers expanded over the years, their desire to cultivate amazing customer experiences never wavered. Brookshire Brothers turns to Chatmeter to create next-level customer experiences that keep people coming back.

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Read how Mister Transmission switched gears in its CX strategy and won big

Mister Transmission is a leader in auto repair and care. In 2021, they partnered with Chatmeter to take control of their multi-location business, increase their local brand intelligence, and expand their online social footprint to drive customer satisfaction, repeat business and overall loyalty.

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