Chatmeter Commits $30,000 in Charitable Donations to San Diego-Based Organizations

Leader in brand intelligence and reputation management will support Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego Rescue Mission, and San Diego Humane Society


San Diego, CA. – November 16, 2023Chatmeter, a leader in brand intelligence and reputation management, today announced the company has pledged $30,000 to three San Diego-based organizations: Rady Children’s Hospital, the San Diego Rescue Mission, and San Diego Humane Society. The donations are part of Chatmeter’s commitment to giving back to the community where the Company is headquartered.

The three organizations, selected by Chatmeter employees, represent key areas of importance in the San Diego community. Rady Children’s Hospital is concentrated on pediatric healthcare; the San Diego Rescue Mission is dedicated to providing housing and job training for people in need; and San Diego Humane Society focuses on animal welfare.

“Chatmeter’s commitment to us is greatly appreciated,” said Brian Daugherty, Executive Vice President at San Diego Humane Society. “This donation is not just financial support; it’s a powerful statement about a commitment to making our local community a better place for everyone, including animals. We are grateful for their partnership in our mission to create a more humane world.”

In addition to these donations, Chatmeter continues to support an initiative called “Chatmeter Gives Back,” which encourages the company’s 140 employees to donate, volunteer, and take action with their favorite charities. Earlier this year, members of the team volunteered at the Salvation Army Kroc Center of San Diego, donating over $1,000 worth of items and boxing up two weeks’ worth of food.

“Embracing our commitment to giving back is not just a choice; it’s a core part of our Company’s DNA,” said John Mazur, Chatmeter CEO. “We encourage our team to organize charity events and volunteer while infusing every company event with a charitable spirit. A large part of where I see our Company’s success is in the positive impact we make on the lives of others in our community and beyond.”

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