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Chatmeter delivers data-driven, all-in-one reputation and local SEO management solutions designed to help multi-location brands optimize online visibility, reputation, and CX strategy at scale across the globe.

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The Platform

Whether you have 20 locations in your region or over 20,000 across the globe, Chatmeter is the control center from which you command the online conversation about your brand. Hear what customers are saying and then collect the data and insights that help you build a proactive business strategy. Our scalable, local SEO and reputation management solution delivers the tools and analytics your team needs at home and internationally – all from a single dashboard.

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    Business Intelligence

    We’re your single source of truth for data and analytics. Drill down on a single location, hone in on a regional group, or glean enterprise-wide customer sentiment analysis. Easily parse and segment your data to create customized reports that meet your unique business needs.

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    Compare Your Competition

    Inform your business strategy with real-time competitor data. Chatmeter gives you insight into how you size up against the local competition for every location across your organization.

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    Omnichannel Integration

    Your BI tool stack seamlessly syncs with Chatmeter Analytics Studio to support your omnichannel growth strategy. Easily integrate unfiltered customer feedback with your favorite BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, Domo, and many more.

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    Brand Visibility

    Chatmeter analyzes reviews, social posts, listings, search ranking, and competitor data to identify where you’re excelling at brand visibility and which areas need improvement. Then we give you the tools to take action!

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    Secure User Access

    Our secure platform offers unlimited users on a desktop and our mobile app in a SOC2 compliant architecture. Easily set permissions and access at various levels across your org.

User-Friendly Mobile App

In the multi-location business world, you’re always on the go. Don’t let that momentum slow down your brand visibility and review strategy. Access Chatmeter’s online Listings and Reputation Management solutions anytime, anywhere with our Mobile App. Put your customers first via quick communications by easily updating listings, responding to reviews, tracking star ratings, and more straight from your favorite mobile device.

Measuring Success

Rank higher on search platforms like Google, Apple Maps, and Yelp. Save time and money by streamlining review response and local listing management. After one year, the average Chatmeter customer sees a 70% increase in local search visibility, a 25% increase in click to directions, a 23% increase in click to calls, and a 27% increase in map rankings.

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Voice Search Optimization

From asking Siri for a great nearby coffee shop or Alexa for driving directions to a top-rated yoga studio, the rapidly rising voice search trend won’t disappear anytime soon. Our online visibility solutions can fully optimize your brand presence for however your customers search by ensuring every location’s information is clean, accurate, and exceeds today’s best practices for voice search results.

World-Class Support

Chatmeter’s dedicated customer success team provides unparalleled, personalized support on day one and throughout our entire relationship. Every business gets a dedicated success manager to guide them along the way with monthly check-ins, quarterly business reviews, and as-needed assistance to ensure that you exceed your goals.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation can make or break your brand’s success in today’s competitive marketplace. Take control of the conversation about your multi-location business with Chatmeter’s Reputation Management solutions. See every new review on a single feed. Post 100s of high-quality review responses in minutes. Track customer sentiment trends and pull metrics to build data-driven strategies. We’re your hub for creating a buyer experience that keeps customers coming back.

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    In-Depth Analytics

    Listen to what your customers say about your brand without reading each review line by line. In a snap, see your trending reputation successes and where you’re falling short.

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    Tools to Succeed

    Chatmeter has the tools and services you need for online reputation success. Respond quickly to multiple reviews with a few clicks, choose responses from Chatmeter’s suggestions, access customer support when you need it, or sign on for ChatExec, our professional review response management service.

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    Compare Locations

    Every store performs differently. It’s vital to understand where those differences lie. Chatmeter provides metrics on where each location excels and where there is room for improvement.

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    Local Competition Report

    Quickly see and understand how you stack up to local, regional, and national competitors on every level. Then enact intentional, data-driven changes to get or stay ahead.

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    Sentiment Analysis

    Get next-level insights about your brand. Pulse is our sentiment analysis engine that pulls, reads, and analyzes essential information directly from your customers' feedback.

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    International Coverage

    Don't let borders get in the way of building stellar customer experiences. Connect with buyers anywhere on Earth with our comprehensive International Reputation Management services.

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Easily Choose Your Response

We make responding to 100s — even 1000s — of online reviews a breeze! Our Suggested Response functionality uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver the perfect response to any review in no time flat. With our software, you gain:

  • Access to diverse responses to similar questions
  • A less than a five-second response time per review
  • Ability to maintain brand voice consistency across all locations 
  • Industry and sentiment-relevant NLP response options

Quickly Reply to Multiple Reviews

Cut your review response workload in half or more while engaging with more buyers than ever! With Chatmeter’s Bulk Review Response feature, reply to tons of reviews in no time flat while boosting customer engagement:

  • Create countless, on-brand and approved review templates 
  • Respond to one or hundreds of reviews with a click
  • Choose multiple template options with each bulk response

Listings Management

Grab the local search spotlight your brand deserves, and guide the perfect customers through your doors! With Chatmeter’s Listings Management software, quickly build out accurate, reliable, and fully optimized online listings for every regional, national, and international location. Trust our award-winning solutions to push you higher up the Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, and Yelp rankings while generating revenue you would’ve missed if those eyes never landed on your listings.

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    Top-Level Visibility

    Lead the right people to your locations and move them further along the customer journey with strategic local SEO tools designed to amplify your online presence. Trust our support and solutions to guide your listings higher up the search results page.

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    Accuracy Matters

    Our platform ensures that your business listings are complete, updated, and 100% correct down to the smallest detail. Bad number? Old hours? Wrong categories? See it all in an instant with Chatmeter’s Listing Accuracy reports.

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    Personal Support

    We’re more than a software company. Our listings experts are passionate about your success. From guiding your team through the listings basics during onboarding to keeping everyone educated about today’s local SEO trends, we’re your long-term partners for success.

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    Strategic Metrics

    Chatmeter’s in-depth analytics and reporting provides accurate real-time data to precisely measure your online visibility success while pinpointing which areas need extra focus.

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    Bulk Updating

    Unexpected weather closing several stores for the day? Switching every location over to summer hours? Instantly communicate these important changes across a handful or hundreds of online listings with a few clicks thanks to Chatmeter’s Bulk Update tool.

Endless Monitoring

Like it or not, you’re never really done managing your online listings. As tech and consumer trends evolve, your online presence must evolve with it. Chatmeter not only keeps your business up-to-date on these trends and best practices, but we also make it easy to integrate them into your local SEO strategy, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

More About Listings
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White-Glove Service

Don’t lift a finger when it comes to listings. Our hands-on ChatExec professionals quickly and accurately maintain and optimize your online listings in your brand voice. We’ll ensure that everything from basic information to special hours to new locations is always up-to-date and designed to bring buyers to your business.

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Social Management

Today, seven-in-ten Americans use social media to communicate, engage, and share information. Designed for growing brands with multiple locations, Chatmeter lets you manage all your local social accounts from a single dashboard. Engage your brand fans by posting content on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Q&A. Easily promote local content, publish brand stories, answer questions, and upload photos, then dive into your analytics to see how your social strategy stacks up between locations — and against the competition.

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    Social Monitoring

    Chatmeter makes it easy for your team to manage all your social accounts so you don’t have to worry about missing a comment, post, hashtag, or question. Each location can have its own social page with content targeted to the unique local scene.

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    Automated Publishing

    Push your posts live instantly or auto-publish them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business Profile, and LinkedIn. Use the publishing calendar to write, approve, schedule, and post content from our user-friendly dashboard.

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    Social Analytics

    Your business strategy will benefit from Chatmeter's social analytics results and trend tracking. Visualize and interpret metrics from single store location to your entire enterprise and gain a complete view of your social successes and shortfalls.

  • 04

    In-Depth Reporting

    Increase company-wide transparency and data-backed intelligence with Chatmeter’s reporting capabilities for social media. Automated or on-demand, pull and distribute customizable social analytics reports to those who need to be in the know.

  • 05

    Google Q&A and Posts

    Engage with Google Questions before your customers do. Provide essential information and relevant content about your brand with Google Q&A. Go further by proactively publishing frequently asked questions to your Google Business Profile listings.

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Social Media Connections

There’s a lot that goes into social media management. Chatmeter makes the entire process from creating to publishing fast and efficient. From the same dashboard you use to manage your reviews, reputation, and analytics, start writing, scheduling, and publishing your content. Then track in-post activity, view at-a-glance social stats, monitor trending hashtags and keywords, and benchmark competitor activity.

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Expand Your Social Interactions

Engaging with today’s consumers on social media requires more than relying on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. As one of the most popular ways for people to communicate with brands online, we’ve incorporated both Google Posts and Google Q&A into our Social Suite, so you can fully maximize content through your Google Business Profile.

Local Pages

We make it easy for multi-location brands of any size to build beautiful, responsive Local Pages for every address. Local Pages provide customers with accurate information about your business location closest to them. Rank higher by optimizing for unbranded keywords, voice search, and zero-click searches to drive traffic your way. Local Pages are the simple solution for brick-and-mortar brands looking to perfect the online-to-offline customer experience at scale.

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    Get Found Fast

    From customizable, in-depth search filters for users to crawlable designs for bots to locate your brand, we build Local Pages designed to be discovered.

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    Seamless Integration

    Trust the Chatmeter platform to be your brand’s local SEO hub and the single source of truth. Seamlessly sync all of your Local Pages and listings location data from one centralized system.

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    Take Full Control

    Our user dashboard and tools make updates simple for any team member. Easily build, modify, and control Local Pages content from the Chatmeter platform or via API integration.

  • 04

    Optimized Findability

    Get your brand in front of the right customers on search. We’ll structure your Local Pages with schema markup, title tags, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, concise URLs, and more.

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    Responsive Design

    Offer great CX with user-friendly Local Pages on any device from mobile phones to desktop monitors. We build responsive location pages, specialty pages, and microsites that always look amazing.

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Build a Smarter Keyword Strategy

Launch a multi-pronged approach to keyword searches for your Local Pages and increase customer acquisition and retention. While branded keywords can drive traffic to your specific location, non-branded keywords expand your reach while building awareness of your product and services. Chatmeter provides your growing brand with the right tools for a streamlined online-to-offline customer journey at scale.


Trust Local Experts For Local Pages

Brand the customer journey from the first search to the final purchase. For multi-location organizations, creating a cohesive, national — or even international — strategy executed on a local scale makes all the difference. Let our experts build out your Local Pages strategy and optimize them with location-specific details to drive higher conversions and more traffic to every store. It’s a win-win for you and your customers. 

Analytics & Insights

Your customers aren’t shy about telling you what they think about your brand. The real question is — are you listening? With Chatmeter’s Analytics Studio, access invaluable data and buyer sentiment straight from the voice of your customers in real-time. From a quick snapshot of company-wide satisfaction levels to location-based local SEO metrics, develop an informed business strategy by analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data pulled from your brand’s listings, reputation, and social media presence.

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    24/7 Listening

    Never miss a thing that’s said online about your brand. We pull every new metric, rating, review, click, and impression across Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, and more so you can see your wins, plateaus, and pain points anytime, anywhere.

  • 02

    Data-Backed Wins

    Align your business goals with our reliable, insights-packed dashboard. See how close — or how far — you are from your top targets. Using data and feedback straight from your customers, make better informed moves to seal your success.

  • 03

    Competitor Comparison

    How do you stack up to other businesses or organizations in your space? Compare customer sentiment and search rankings, and see exactly how your online presence measures up. Then, identify the top areas to improve and get ahead for good.

  • 04

    Find Blind Spots

    No brand gets it right 100% of the time. Use real-time metrics to highlight where you’re falling short in areas like low review frequencies, upticks in customer complaints, or falling star ratings. Then shift your strategy to move in a better direction.

  • 05

    Holistic Solutions

    Our user-friendly, dashboard and live feed offer ample customization features and integration options with business intelligence tools like Domo, Tableau, and Power BI. Get the business-wide insights you need to succeed at scale — all in one place.

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Check Your Pulse

Turn up the volume on ‘Voice of the Customer’. Chatmeter’s Pulse tool meticulously combs through online reviews and feedback to reveal trending customer sentiment: positive, neutral, or negative. Gather and analyze these invaluable insights, and then take the action needed to resolve pain points or celebrate your biggest wins.

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Extensive Reporting Features

View and share your data with in-depth, fully-customizable analytics reports covering every aspect of your online reputation and overall presence. Increase data transparency by emailing scheduled automated reports to every store manager across your enterprise. Instantly download real-time metrics for a quick snapshot of a single location’s success or shortfalls. Use the data at your fingertips to make smarter decisions at a single store or across your entire organization.

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Services & Support

Want more support to help you exceed customer expectations? Trust Chatmeter’s ChatExec team to provide professional assistance in maintaining and optimizing your brand online. ChatExec helps busy teams stay on top of the online chatter and create genuine connections by expertly managing and responding to reviews, comments, and other customer feedback. With ChatExec at the helm, you’ll grow online traffic, increase brand loyalty, and gain more time back for your team.

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    White-Glove Reputation Management

    Our ChatExec service lets you focus on what you do best while our listing and reputation management masterminds are hard at work amplifying your brand’s digital presence.

  • 02

    Onboarding, CSM, and Listings Teams

    Our dedicated customer success team (with an NPS score of 76) provides you with friendly, reliable support. Our easy onboarding process, monthly check-ins, and quarterly business reviews are the true secret to customer success.

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    Easy Onboarding

    Learn everything you need to know about the Chatmeter platform in less than two weeks. We've got you covered with expert training and support.

  • 04

    Dedicated Success Manager

    We provide monthly check-ins and quarterly business reviews to ensure customer goals are always met and exceeded.

  • 05

    Accessible Product Support

    Get 24/7 access to our help center for further training information, local SEO education, industry trends, whitepapers, and more.

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"Chatmeter's Workflow tool is a fundamental feature. We use it to organize our day and stay in constant communication with our clients."

-Kathryn James, CONN’s Inc.

"We were monitoring review sentiment manually. With Pulse, we can track topics more consistently and the AI system does a good job of successfully assigning the correct positive, negative, or neutral feeling."

-Tupelo Honey

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