Chatmeter Unveils the Future of Reputation Management with Launch of Pulse AI: Signals

Uses AI to surface actionable insights from customer commentary in real-time for multi-location businesses

San Diego, CA. – January 9, 2024 – Chatmeter, the leader in reputation management and multi-location intelligence, today announced the release of Pulse AI: Signals, enabling brands with critical customer and location insights in real time to grow their business – an industry first.

Multi-location businesses have traditionally used keyword-matching sentiment analysis and Net Promoter Score surveys to get a surface-level understanding of customers. Now, these businesses can type any question into Signals, which will analyze their reviews, social media and surveys to deliver the exact information needed, with the data to back it up, in real time. 

“We’re in a new era for multi-location brands,” said John Mazur, CEO of Chatmeter. “Every brand is at risk of their next mention going viral and costing them millions in revenue before they’re even able to respond. Not anymore, thanks to Signals and its pioneering use of generative AI.” 

Armed with Chatmeter’s insightful data, we’ve made swift and effective changes to elevate the guest experience,” said Richard Clarke, senior manager of loyalty and guest feedback at Northland Properties. “As a result, we’ve enjoyed future bookings, repeat stays, and greater guest loyalty. Chatmeter’s ability to close the loop on customer feedback and generate positive results is truly impressive.”

Chatmeter was one of the first reputation management platforms to bring advanced sentiment analysis to the market in 2017 and is now the first to use generative AI to empower multi-location businesses to:

  • Quickly make better, more informed decisions from real customer feedback through generated reports that answer the mission-critical questions brands have about their customer experience, products, locations, and more. 
  • Gain an even deeper understanding of every customer’s experience and how  specific locations are performing by using insights from specific regions, locations, providers, timeframes, and more, along with all of the customer reviews and data, to make informed decisions that drive real business impact. 

“While many companies use AI to automate basic tasks, Chatmeter is using multiple, best of breed large language models, including internal models trained on our own data, to deliver actionable insights in real time,” said Chatmeter CTO Dan Cunningham. “We have invested heavily in this technology because we believe that multi-location businesses need insights beyond what is delivered using general sentiment and search, and they need these insights in real time.” 

Signals uses an advanced data pipeline to process reviews, social posts and surveys through multiple AI models, including custom-trained versions to deliver the insights multi-location businesses need on topics such as:

  • Product feedback
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Facilities operations
  • Critical business risks
  • Customer and employee safety
  • Regional strengths and weaknesses
  • And many more….

Across a multi-location brand, thousands of reviews, social posts and surveys may be processed by Signals daily. With the data processed and stored using AI, businesses can ask questions of their data, and get detailed answers back, including insightful analysis, attributing data and downloadable reports.

Signals is now available to Chatmeter customers with the Performance and Intelligence bundles. Additional Pulse AI features will be available later in 2024. For more information, visit 

About Chatmeter

Chatmeter is the multi-location intelligence company reimagining customer connections and reputation management through AI-powered deep listening. Chatmeter makes it easy for multi-location brands to drive real-time impact through relevant insights in critical moments that matter. Chatmeter understands the challenges of multi-location, and omnichannel reputation management, and has created a scaled platform that enables end-to-end visibility for everyone, from local owners to executive leadership. With a 93% customer retention rate, Chatmeter is the brand reputation partner of choice across the retail, restaurant, healthcare, and financial services industries, and more. For more information, visit 

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