See every risk. Prevent your next crisis.

Discrimination. Safety. Harassment. Be the first to know when customers mention incidents like these across reviews and social media. Then take action immediately. 

How it works

AI monitors feedback for mentions of potential risk.
Receive an in-platform and email notification when risk spikes.
Alert your team and fix the issue – before it becomes a crisis.

Get a full picture of your risk.

See all of your risks across your locations, broken down by risk type. Get all of the details and reviews for each risk type so you know exactly what to correct.

Zero in on your “riskiest locations.”

Find out which locations are leaving your business vulnerable. Review a list of your locations with the most risk, get the details on what to fix and take action. 

Let AI do the work for you.

With so many reviews and social media posts, you can’t do it alone. Our advanced AI models go way beyond the keyword matching that our competitors do– so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

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