Chatmeter Releases Revolutionary AI Risk Monitoring For Multi-Location Brands

San Diego, CA. – March 12, 2024Chatmeter, the leader in multi-location intelligence, today announced the release of Risk Monitoring, an AI technology that gives multi-location brands the ability to identify and prevent the next major crisis.

“In the realm of online reputation management, the stakes have never been higher for businesses navigating the digital landscape,” said John Mazur, CEO of Chatmeter. “Negative, business-threatening commentary spreads online with the click of a button and therefore multi-location brands must put themselves in a position where they can address – and take action against – these risks in real time. Recognizing this, our team has pioneered Risk Monitoring, a groundbreaking product that leverages proprietary Chatmeter AI to sift through the noise of online reviews and social media to pinpoint potential risks with unprecedented accuracy.”

Now brands can easily sort through thousands of daily reviews and social media posts to highlight significant business risks, and also gain access to qualitative and quantitative metrics in real-time that provide precise insights into their current risk exposure.

“Chatmeter’s new Risk Monitoring feature is assessing our online reviews in a way that truly matters in today’s hyper-digital era,” said Lloyd Kim, Operational Services Manager at Paris Baguette North America. “We have increased visibility and awareness of risks that may impact our business and that allows us to respond quicker than before. Our responsiveness to tackle risks has improved like never before.”

Delivered through a user-friendly dashboard, Risk Monitoring uses AI to analyze, flag and classify risky reviews and social media posts into customizable categories such as discrimination, harassment, customer safety, employee safety, unfair business practices, theft, food safety, etc.

“Traditionally, advanced reputation monitoring tools have offered multi-location brands only a high-level overview of the general sentiment surrounding their business,” said Chatmeter CTO Dan Cunningham. “Our approach goes beyond conventional sentiment analysis, incorporating a suite of sophisticated, best-in-class large language models. This strategic investment in AI allows us to offer real-time, actionable insights, empowering businesses to proactively manage their online presence and safeguard their reputation in a way that was previously unimaginable.”

Risk Monitoring is the newest feature part of Chatmeter’s Pulse AI platform, which launched in January 2024 with Signals. To learn more about how brands can use AI to prevent crises from ever occurring, check out The Chatmeter Multi-Location Brand Crisis Report.

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