Author | Rachel SchultzDate Posted | February 6, 2024

Top 5 listings management software tools in 2024 (and how to choose the best one)

It’s easy to think that all listings management software is the same — a way to update store hours and phone numbers and respond to reviews. However, in 2024, it’s also so much more. Whether it’s AI-powered translation or access to industry experts, the best product listing software is your ticket to a better online reputation, sales, and more.

This guide will walk you through the best listings management on the web today — including their prices, features, and reviews. After a quick read-through, you should be armed with all of the information you need to find the listings management software that’s right for your business needs.

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What to look for in listings management software

Here’s what you should be considering when you shop around for listings management software.

Reputation management features

It’s one thing to have accurate listings, but what else do your potential customers see when they view your online presence? Reviews. 

This is why many listings providers today have brought reputation management features, like review response, review reporting, and more, into their solution. Having accurate listings is the first step; optimizing and taking control of your online reputation comes next. 

Therefore, you need features that proactively build your reputation across social media, review sites, and online directories. 

Look for software options that include deep listening technology so you always have your finger on the pulse of your customers wherever they happen to be on the web. 

Affordable pricing plans

This isn’t just the overall cost. Another thing to pay attention to is how you’re charged. 

Is it per user? Per location? A good price is great, but if it limits you to only a couple of users to keep prices down, then you may not be getting the bargain you’d hoped for. 

Access to multiple directories

Your current and future customers hang out all over the web — from Google to Apple and beyond. Make sure that the listing management software you choose integrates with the directories that are the most important to your brand.

Listing status reporting

Incomplete? Incorrect? Lack of presence for all locations? Duplicates? All of these issues regularly plague local listings. Plus, if you’re managing multiple locations, it’s not easy to keep everything updated yourself. 

That’s why the best listings management software can audit your listings regularly for you with algorithms that spot inaccuracies across several core fields like name, address, phone number, and hours. 

Managed listings support

It’s also important for you to examine what support level you need. Many popular listings management providers are outsourcing or significantly cutting down on support. 

While it’s theoretically feasible to handle listings on your own as a full-time job, it’s often not a sustainable solution if you have more than 50+ locations. And any delay in support can be a major issue: every day your listings are suspended, you’re losing business.

Local search and SEO assistance

Ranking on local search is completely different than on the wider web. The right listings management software will help you understand and optimize for important local SEO ranking factors

For instance, if you want to rank on Google, some of the most important factors they consider come from your listing information. You’re far more likely to rank #1 on Google when your listing is complete, and your reviews are responded to. A good tool will help you accomplish both of these things so you can drive the local traffic your business needs.

Plus, they can also help you with things like voice search, getting registered with maps, and optimizing local pages so your clients can find you anywhere they happen to be looking.  
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5 best listings management software in 2024

1. Chatmeter

Chatmeter is a multi-location intelligence suite designed to help businesses with more than 50 locations increase local organic traffic and convert search traffic into customers. With advanced reputation management features and AI-powered intelligence tools, Chatmeter clients are able to not only fix their listings but also optimize the different steps of the customer journey, like leaving reviews, understanding customer feedback, and reviewing search insights. 

Chatmeter also keeps your local listings accurate and up to date. Our systems are smart enough to flag inaccuracies and implement updates across hundreds of listings in minutes, so your team doesn’t have to.

Chatmeter’s team of US-based listings management experts can take the work of managing your listings off of your plate. This way, you get perfectly optimized listings that drive traffic to your site or store, and your team can focus on what it does best. 

Another advantage of Chatmeter is dedicated reports. If Chatmeter detects a problem with one of your listings, you will see a report with full details  so you can prioritize these problems first. Other programs may only offer surface-level reporting that leaves out these important details. 

Admittedly, Chatmeter may be too much product for a business with only one or two locations. Something simpler may suffice. However, larger companies will appreciate how our tools help them grow their brand and customer base with a dedicated team to provide support. 

Top features

  • Partnerships with top directories: Chatmeter has partnered with Apple, Yelp, Google, and more so that it’s easy to update listings and rank well on the web. 
  • Listings visibility: We make it easy for you to see how listings are performing and what needs to be fixed so you can rank above competitors.
  • White-glove service: Chatmeter’s award-winning support team is completely based in the U.S. and can help you outrank your local competitors.


Chatmeter monitors and integrates with every major directory, including:

  • Yelp
  • Google 
  • Apple
  • Bing 
  • Facebook


Get a customized quote from Chatmeter by speaking with one of Chatmeter’s sales representatives. All plans are based on a per-location price — not per user. This way, everyone in your organization, from the store manager to the CEO, can get the benefits of Chatmeter’s software. 

Even the most basic package includes the following features:

  • Social media listening and publishing suite
  • Reputation management tools, including AI-written review responses, analytics, and generative AI-powered insights
  • Listings management and visibility
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • U.S.-based customer support team
  • Advanced local competitive intel 

With Chatmeter, you’ll get the tools you need to stand out in local markets, paired with the reputation, competitive and location intelligence you need to win. 


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2. Birdeye

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Birdeye is a review management and messaging platform that aims to help businesses with multiple locations stay on top of their local listings.

Birdeye’s biggest differentiator as a platform is that they include a fully integrated messaging platform with their product. This allows your team to interact with customers across several different messaging channels — truly useful if this is a gap in your current tech stack.  However, tools like these are frequently targeted by hackers.

Birdeye’s listings management tool has fewer directories than other options on this list, and reviews have complained about their pricing model. Without a Yelp partnership, Birdeye clients are unable to see and respond to Yelp reviews. And without an Apple Maps partnership, ensuring Apple Maps listings are up-to-date is very difficult.

Top features

  • Listing scanner: Checks your listings for a basic audit of core location information. 
  • Listings coverage: Allows you to create and update your listings on directories such as Google, Apple, Foursquare, Bing and Facebook.


Birdeye pricing is broken up into three overall plans:

  • Starter: Basic plan with review, listings, and messaging features
  • Growth: Advanced plan that also includes social features
  • Dominate: Top plan that includes all features, including referrals

Prices for these plans are based on a per location/per month basis.


3. SOCi

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SOCi is a marketing platform specifically designed for multi-location businesses. Their listings management software includes all of the basic features you’d expect, like bulk editing, competitor SEO analysis, and lead-gen tools.

One feature SOCi lacks is an easy-to-read health grade for local listings. Without this feature, it’s easy to overlook underperforming listings if your team isn’t careful. And without the added benefit of a U.S. based dedicated listings support team, your team will have to be extra careful with your listings accuracy and likely have a major blind spot. However, if you’re okay missing out on these features, SOCi remains a compelling option in this field.

Top features

  • Tier 1 provider coverage: Provides coverage on platforms like Google, Apple, Facebook, Foursquare and Bing.
  • Approvals system: Allows managers to easily set who can (and can’t) see data or make changes to listings.
  • Social media management: Makes it easier to manage your social media accounts all from one place. 


To get pricing details from SOCi, you’ll need to book a demo and speak with their team.


4. Reputation

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Reputation is an online reputation management platform that offers features that range from business listing management to help desk ticketing.

With their listings management software, Reputation sticks to fairly standard offerings. This includes bulk updates, duplicate suppression, and customer messaging management. A lack of a killer feature may put off some buyers, along with the lack of a Yelp partnership. However, if you’re ultimately in the market for a reputation analysis platform with basic listings management features, then this is a great option.’s focus is more on the healthcare space, leaving other industries out in the dark. 

Top features

  • Listings audit: Makes it easy to perform basic audits of core location information. 
  • Rich content management tool: Allows your team to easily upload photos and images to different sites and listings.
  • Reply notifications: Alerts you when a review or question has been left so that your teams are always on top of customer interaction.  


To get pricing details from Reputation, you’ll need to book a demo and speak with their team.


5. Yext

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Yext is a digital experience platform that offers listings management software complete with features like listings analytics and social messaging.

However, some reviewers have pointed out that Yext can be difficult to learn and that their API is quite slow, leading to issues with Google indexing. Customers also frequently complain about the responsiveness of their support team, lack of survey tools, and nonexistent support for listings management. For this reason, clients often are unaware of listings issues that could be costing them customers.

Yext’s reputation management and social publishing features are also very basic. They primarily focus on a self-service model with local pages, which may not be ideal for all businesses. 

Top features

  • Listings verification: Scans data from third-party sources so you can understand how different business locations are performing. 
  • Smart suggestions: Keeps your listing up to date by suppressing duplicates and suggesting changes when needed.
  • AI-powered listings content creation: Gives you AI tools that can generate content for your listings based on your other listings. 
  • Publisher network: Includes a large number of direct API integrations. 


To get pricing details from Yext, you’ll need to book a demo and speak with their team.


Connect with your customers wherever they are

Great listings management software does so much more than keep your listings up to date. It’s also a powerful tool for uncovering customer sentiment, growing your audience through local SEO, and driving engagement through customer interaction.

Chatmeter is a proven tool trusted by major brands that can help your business build its customer base through online local listings and reviews. To get a sense of what we offer, try out our interactive demo — no signup or time booking required. 

If you like what you see, contact our team or book a live demo. One of our team members can then explain exactly how Chatmeter can help your company unlock the many benefits of listings management software.