Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | July 13, 2023

Building consumer trust through proactive reputation management

In today’s fast-paced world, advances in technology – I’m talking about you AI –  are evolving at a faster pace than ever before. But, no matter how quickly the winds of change shift to impact business, it is critical that brands remain laser-focused on their human customers. This means brands need to be able to keep a keen eye on listing accuracy, online reviews, social media, and employees around the clock to keep customers happy, engaged, and singing your praises. 

Traditionally, reputation management has required full teams of marketers, and multiple software applications to stay on top of review responses, social media, listings, etc. Tracking, maintaining, and/or paying a third party to manage a large tech stack is far from practical. These days, 75% of marketing industry executives are concerned about online brand reputation, and 90% of employees say that without an investment in CX technology, their brand will lose business to brands that do. That said, only 50% of executives actively support a reputation and CX management program at their organizations. 

There’s no need to toss valuable dollars and time at a variety of contractors and software applications. Instead investing in an all-in-one reputation management platform will not only save and make you money, but it will make your life, and your team’s, a heck of a lot easier. The best solutions on the market tackle the nuts and bolts of managing listings, responding to reviews, publishing social posts, and sending surveys, while ALSO revealing CX successes and issues at scale. When you simplify your CX and reputation management to deliver experiences your customers will love – measurable results and rapid ROI won’t be far behind.

The brand intelligence life cycle involves the day-to-day activities of listings management, review response, and social posting, as well as analysis of insights that surfaced from AI-powered sentiment analysis to reveal your blind spots and incorrect assumptions about the humans you call your customers.

All-in-one reputation management platforms empower you with direct access to your listings, reviews, social media, and survey feedback from a single portal. The best BI tech also provides you with real-time data so that you can easily turn it into actionable insights. But all that must be supported by workflow management and reporting structures to ensure that everyone involved with improving your CX is on the same page.

Any reputation management solution worth its salt should put your team on track with easy-to-use workflows and task management. When you create a task, you no longer have to worry about how to communicate what needs to be done, because the platform has all that automated. 

Tasks and roles are easily assigned with alerts when something is due or completed.

Real-time alerts help the team stay on top of the latest positive or negative feedback. You can create tasks that automatically alert select team member(s) to quickly address a customer issue, or identify the positive work employees are doing from a single location or across your enterprise. Visibility to real-time customer feedback can give you an edge over your competitors when you listen and take immediate action to respond authentically to customer concerns.

Sometimes it’s important to have a bit more oversight into how your team is responding to reviews, or posting to social media. Platforms with built-in approval systems provide the checkpoints you need before social posts or review responses go live. These seemingly small functions are important when it comes to setting your mind at ease knowing that nothing will be published until the appropriate eyes have inspected it.

All data is not created equal, that is, not all data is valuable to all employees. Your marketing manager may want to hone in on social engagement metrics and brand visibility scores, whereas a local restaurant manager may be more concerned with customer reviews to understand how their location is performing. Robust reporting options are key to sharing the right information with the right folks from the boots-on-the-ground to the C-suite.

Adapting successfully to increased competition, ever-changing customer expectations, and fluctuating market conditions, makes it challenging to act quickly while staying connected to customers–  24/7. The right reputation management and brand intelligence platform should have the tools and solutions to meet your brand’s unique needs to stay close to your customers, improve operational efficiency and gain a genuine advantage over your competition. 

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