Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | January 25, 2023

Why next-gen CX management demands an end-to-end platform

Why next-gen CX management demands an end-to-end platform

In the U.S., businesses lose around $35.3B annually due to customer churn from avoidable customer experience (CX) issues, according to CallMiner.

Fortunately, the next generation, or next-gen, of CX software makes managing and understanding your customers’ journey before, during, and after every purchase effortless. With access to this powerful technology, your brand can quickly adapt and leverage real-time voice-of-the-customer (VoC) and business intelligence (BI) metrics to drive increasingly positive business outcomes.

In recent years, the omnichannel customer experience has become a hot topic among brands across industries. The latest Salesforce State of Marketing report says that 84% of customers consider ‘experience’ as essential as a brand’s ‘products’ and ‘services.’ However, many companies struggle to define what a phenomenal customer experience means or how to make the customer journey exceptional for every unique buyer.

No two customers are alike — and neither are their shopping preferences. Brands that excel at modern CX grasp this and embrace the agility provided by tech integration. To deliver seamless and flexible experiences, successful marketing and operational leaders have recognized the power of robust end-to-end data mining and VoC tools.

Say goodbye to risky assumptions or last year’s buying trends. Start trusting solutions that provide brands the exceptional agility and data-driven, up-to-the-moment CX insights. Then deliver the best possible experience for your customers at every step of their journey for years to come.

The next generation of CX management

First off, what exactly is an end-to-end CX platform? Rather than rely on multiple tools and software to track, decipher, guide, and execute your entire omnichannel customer experience strategy, do it all through a single, fully-connected platform. Everything related to your CX strategy exists in one place, including customer-facing employee interactions, buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) purchasing experiences, social media, online reviews, Google rankings, and CRM integrations — all vital to understanding the totality of your customers’ needs.

Consumers are pickier than ever. Mastering CX for a portion of their journey won’t suffice. An end-to-end CX platform provides insights to ensure the interactions are exceeding expectations. And if you’re not, you’ll have the data to understand where you’re falling short, so you can take action to improve.

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Unlike outdated solutions, organizations can glean incredible business intelligence from online customer-generated feedback. Don’t mistake this for a standard online review aggregator. The best next-generation CX platforms take full advantage of AI and deep listening technology to capture all of the chatter that matters, including:

  • Structured and Unstructured Data: Access real-time structured and unstructured data about your customers. With this clear and easy-to-understand source of real-time, actionable insights, make smarter decisions about how you engage with consumers.
  • Boost Organizational Transparency: Track the entire customer journey through an all-in-one integrated dashboard. Then generate and distribute custom reports from the C-suite to individual store management to eliminate gaps and miscommunications between departments
  • Revenue-Building BI: Create the authentic brand experiences your top customers crave. By tapping into AI-enabled customer sentiment technology, you’ll intensely understand your customers’ expectations to drive new levels of loyalty and growth.
  • Advanced Analytics: Turn unstructured data into actionable insights with deep analytics and reporting. From tracking Google rankings to trending keywords, gain the vast intelligence necessary to make effective strategic decisions.

What should I look for in a great end-to-end CX platform?

Before investing in an end-to-end CX platform, ensure that the technology was built, at minimum, with these three pillars:

  1. Data Management: Excellent data aggregation across every part of your brand should be central to the platform. You must trust, understand, and interpret the data to create a holistic view of your customers and implement strategic actions.
  2. Automation: Customer data should be perpetually collected 24/7. Additionally, superior platforms will offer many automated and easy-to-use functionalities like monthly report generation, review response templates, and alerts for pre-set keywords.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: Today’s best technology only gets smarter over time. Choose a CX platform that uses cutting-edge AI to understand customers throughout their journey better. Soon, your team can get the same fantastic results without wasting precious time.

The future is omnichannel. Brands can no longer invest in just part of the customer journey. People might love your in-store experience, but you’re bound to fall short if you neglect to create positive online or cross-channel brand interactions.

Excel at every step, and keep ahead of the competition with an end-to-end CX platform. In less time and investment than you think, your team will create brilliant, efficient, responsive, and personalized moments designed precisely for those you serve — and they’ll repay you with higher sales, satisfaction, and lifelong loyalty.

Don’t get stuck in the past. Make the first step in transforming your customer experience strategy with the new generation of innovative CX technology. See how the Chatmeter end-to-end deep listening and BI platform aligns with your 2023 strategic CX goals. Book a demo with us today!

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