The Chatmeter platform provides tools and services to large retailers and agencies for improving online presence and reputation for individual locations. Chains are now required to focus marketing efforts at the local level and the Chatmeter platform provides actionable recommendations on what to do and where to focus your efforts.

For agencies, we have tools to save time and money on local marketing. We also provide a white-label reputation management platform for agencies to differentiate your services and report to customers all the great work you’ve been doing.

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The Chatmeter service has specifically been designed to address the challenges of local search marketing for brands with multiple locations. With the tremendous fragmentation of local search, the explosion of customer reviews and social media, and the gap in existing brand-monitoring tools, marketing for chains is harder than ever.

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The Chatmeter service helps agencies not only save time and money, but will also provide differentiation in a crowded, competitive environment. We have a fully hosted, customizable white-label program.

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