Chatmeter updates its AI-powered sentiment analysis tool, Pulse, to deliver faster and more customized access to deep brand intelligence

The new features will allow multi-location brands to analyze data about the customer experience (CX) in more strategic and customized ways

San Diego, CA. – April 25, 2023 – Chatmeter, a leader in brand intelligence and reputation management, today announced that it has launched new features for its AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP)-powered sentiment analysis tool, Pulse, designed to offer greater customization and more granular reporting than ever before.

Each day, Chatmeter’s platform analyzes and reports on millions of customer emotions embedded in reviews and comments. Pulse provides brands with a visual and highly intuitive way to track trends and pinpoint what matters most to customers.

The new modules and custom topic functionality help brands dig even deeper into their customer chatter to surface additional, actionable insights that impact the bottom line.

Pulse’s new modules provide an at-a-glance look at:

  • The top positive and negative topics with customer sentiment and star ratings across all online channels
  • Category trends indicating the volume of online mentions across a selected date range
  • Top locations by rating
  • A visual representation of the most frequently mentioned topics

Pulse’s custom topics is a novel functionality that enables brands to get beneath the surface of trending customer reviews across all locations by creating specific topics to track. Custom topics provide targeted sentiment analysis for brands to test the customer reaction to new products and services per location or explore new ways to deliver deeply personalized CX at every step of the customer journey.

“As a pioneer in the industry for nearly 15 years, Chatmeter has been at the forefront of delivering solutions to enhance the customer experience and has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changes in technology and trends,” said Dan Cunningham, Chatmeter’s Chief Technology Officer. “We have a rigorous roadmap of new enhancements all designed to create more meaningful customer conversations, elevate brand intelligence, and drive customer loyalty and growth for multi-location brands.”

Pulse’s modules and custom topics further empower brands to discover their top-performing locations and the specific factors contributing to their success. They offer deeper insight into large-scale patterns at a corporate level, tracking customer feedback comments such as “the new hamburger is the best thing on the menu,” or reviews about a specific location like, “the manager went out of his way to provide a positive experience.”

“It’s not enough to simply track what customers are saying,” said Chatmeter CEO, John Mazur. “We have the advanced technology to zero in on trends in real-time, as well as over longer periods, to uncover what keeps customers coming back and where the areas of opportunity lie. I am astounded at the depth of the Chatmeter platform and the truly amazing advances our product teams are making to the platform; delivering on Chatmeter’s promise to bring the most innovative solutions to our customers, worldwide.”

For an interactive, instant demo of the new Pulse custom topics offering, click here.

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