Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | June 22, 2020

Chatmeter Launches New White-Glove Service for Reputation Management

Chatmeter has just launched a new service designed to improve the customer experience for national brands. ChatExec is a white-glove service with complete online review management and content creation.

Our new ChatExec services offers our partners a whole new level of reputation management – it is the all-in-one reputation management package. As online reputation continues to play a pivotal role in the successes and failures of today’s businesses, especially those with physical store locations, ChatExec ensures that, from reviews to review responding, every aspect of their reputation is expertly managed.

Review management features include active daily monitoring, professionally written responses and streamlined approval processes. By also including real-time reporting and review escalation and comment moderation processes, we ensure that brands and their locations stay in tune with their reputation while maintaining their identity.

“Surprising to many, one of the largest pizza chains has only a few people in their marketing department, making it necessary for this brand to outsource support for online review management,” said Collin Holmes, CEO, Chatmeter. “Whether it’s a major wireless carrier or national auto part retailer, companies across all industries lack sufficient time, interest or resources to review and respond to online reviews effectively.”

Attempting to keep constant vigilance over reviews, actively engage in conversations and post unique and valuable content is enough to overwhelm even the most efficient of businesses.

Between a lack of bandwidth and even just not knowing what to do, many businesses find that no matter how important their online reputation is, it’s just something they don’t desire to take on internally. ChatExec allows these businesses to relax and feel confident knowing every aspect of their online reputation, from monitoring and responding to post creation and reporting, is being managed by a team of highly trained reputation specialists.

Chatmeter ChatExec resolves the challenges of reputation management for thousands of national brands, and today, the company is making the solution publically available.

From day one, ChatExec is ready to be integrated directly into our partner’s business, allowing them to achieve immediate improvements and giving them the opportunity to focus on growing operations and improving the customer experience.

ChatExec provides everything multi-location brands need to show customers they are engaged online, taking the time to understand their grievances and actively working to make the improvements customers want to see; all while allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing their customers with the best products and services possible.

In addition to ChatExec, Chatmeter offers an entire Local Brand Management platform that caters directly to the goal of building authority and recognition in the local online space. Our services enable businesses to capitalize on one of the biggest drivers of in-store traffic, the internet.

A few features from our white glove reputation management platform include review management and a built in-house sentiment analysis engine. While our local SEO services incorporate local listings management and local rank tracking.

Combined, our reputation management and local SEO solutions work to give brands a deeper understanding of how customers view their business, helps them manage and engage with user generated content, and provides them with action steps that will lead to real improvements. We aim not only to help businesses succeed in the local search rankings, but to be a tool that drives real improvements in your business operations.