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The connection between brand intelligence and local market success for enterprise-wide growth

The connection between brand intelligence and local market success for enterprise-wide growth

From the world’s largest enterprise-level brands to small businesses, true success relies on hyper-focused and sophisticated brand intelligence (BI) derived from local marketing efforts. Within every region, city, and even individual store, customers from different local markets and cultures connect with brands based on factors such as area customs and attitudes, demographics, and competitive options.

Brand intelligence at the local level allows you to connect the dots of universal brand affinity. By deeply understanding the uniqueness of your customers at every level, you can highlight the attributes that make a brand lovable on a personal, authentic level. 

Organizations can’t compete with a one-size-fits-all global marketing strategy for each location. Instead, they must understand and be prepared to meet the needs of local markets, and ensure that marketing efforts include effective and relevant approaches for each location’s needs.

From local listings and review management to sentiment analysis and hyper-local intelligence, the best CX technology for BI and deep listening eliminates the guesswork. By tapping into 100% of the unstructured customer data that surveys and traditional reputation management solutions alone don’t offer, your brand can gain the localized insights and micro-level intelligence required for enterprise-wide growth in a competitive market.

What exactly is brand intelligence?

Brand intelligence is the collection and analysis of data surrounding a brand that can be utilized to understand consumer behavior and customer sentiment. By capturing, analyzing, and understanding this data, brands can fully engage with their audience and reach their full potential regarding local market success.

This data can be structured or unstructured, and gathered from various sources, including online reviews and ratings, customer feedback, market research, social media commentary, customer surveys, and competitor analysis. With approximately 80-90% of your customers’ conversations residing in unstructured data, it is critical that your brand intelligence taps into this goldmine of information.

Brand intelligence and market intelligence work together to provide an incredibly accurate picture of the industry and competitive trends. They also unveil unseen insights and identify blind spots or opportunities for growth. BI can also inform and guide your marketing strategies, boost ROI, and ensure your marketing efforts reach their full potential.

Ensure local market success with authentic customer connections

Once you truly understand your brand locally and organization-wide, you can intelligently engage customers and prospects by designing a customer journey that feels tailored to their needs and expectations. Your brand should focus on reaching those consumers who would come into your brick-and-mortar store or interact both online and offline with your product or service.

Brands can use local marketing to customize the CX journey for people who are more likely to patronize their business. For example, those searching for “restaurants near me” in Tampa, Florida, might have very different preferences than diners in Duluth, Minnesota. Through deep listening and BI strategies, restaurant industry leaders can use customized local marketing tactics precisely made for location-specific audiences. From regional menu options (fresh avocados in California vs. fresh peaches in Georgia) to expanded meal distribution methods based on local preferences, you can use these smart insights to create eating experiences seemingly custom-made for every eater.

And it’s not just restaurants. Many businesses can benefit from local marketing strategies, especially retailfinancial services, and healthcare organizations. A comprehensive, tech-supported local marketing strategy will increase foot traffic, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction. With this next level of local market success, you’ll ultimately enjoy greater revenue and stronger loyalty across the entire enterprise.

Create customized marketing campaigns that resonate deeply

The combination of brand intelligence and deep listening lets businesses tap into the unstructured data of what your customers across the nation, and even the world, are truly saying about your brand. By customizing offerings through local marketing efforts based on these regional preferences, your brand will see overall growth, whether it be in profits or customer satisfaction. Simply put, people prefer to frequent and recommend businesses that feel like it was made for them.

A successful local marketing strategy paired with BI allows enterprises to delve into their local markets and understand their audiences based on their geographic location. Brands that localize their marketing efforts will ultimately be more successful than those that don’t.

One great example is a locally-focused campaign from Nike. Despite being one of the most globally recognized brands on Earth, they launched an entire campaign focused specifically on New York City for New York City residents. Titled the Own the Floor campaign, Nike utilized the iconic backdrop of the Big Apple to tap into their local NYC market. By showcasing instantly recognizable locations like the NYC skyline, subway systems, pizzerias, and laundromats, they deepened the feeling of connection with their target audience – current and prospective customers in the area.

People want to feel a real connection with the brands they choose. From urban marketing campaigns for consumers living in major metropolitan areas to rotating menus focused on seasonal foods from regional farms, there are countless ways for brands to authentically connect with people through the things that matter most to them.

That’s why local marketing is highly effective for businesses of all sizes within every industry. And it’s with local brand intelligence sourced through local search data, local reviews, social media, and competitive analysis, that marketing teams can tap into what means most to people near your store locations.

  • Do retail customer reviews reveal a desire for sustainable, locally-made products?
  • Are corporate workers at your San Francisco locations asking for more on-the-go lunch items?
  • Which regional banks see more interest in student loan vs. home loan requests?
  • Are customers raving about your coats in Kansas City, but swimsuits in San Diego?

These are just some of the infinite questions teams can use to decipher exactly what customers want within each region and location. By answering them and building an in-depth marketing strategy informed by real-time customer insights, you’ll help build a stronger foundation for your brand brick by brick. Deep listening strategies also offer insights that allow brands to intelligently adapt to new local markets flawlessly and appeal to consumers of all demographics.

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