Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | June 9, 2021

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Local Search Presence

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Local Search Presence

If you’re looking to drive customers to your business, investing in local SEO is a must. A strong local SEO strategy can help you attract purchase-ready consumers, increase brand exposure, and boost your online visibility. However, the landscape of local SEO is always evolving – whether it’s due to changes in ranking factors, algorithm updates, or something else.

This brings up the question, how can a business truly win in local search when there are so many changes and updates? Read more below to learn about local SEO strategies that we will cover and the trends shaping the future of local search.

Providing Quick & Accurate Information is More Important than Ever

70% of consumers will visit a store because of the information found online. Ensuring you have up-to-date and accurate information online is crucial to a successful customer experience. As the world remains on track to fully reopen, it’s vital for businesses to leverage local SEO, quality business listings, and more to attract consumers.

Leverage Google My Business to Attract Local Customers

A thoroughly optimized profile on Google My Business can dramatically increase your rankings and drive consumers to visit your business. Your business should focus on optimizing your review management strategy, as well as taking advantage of Google PostsGoogle Attributes, and using the right Google categories.

When it comes to Google My Business, there are a few key drivers that encourage consumers to take action on your business profile.

Offering Real-Time Support is Essential

Nearly half of all customers expect companies to respond faster than 4 hours. Providing fast and reliable service to customers can help drive brand loyalty and show consumers you care. Businesses should leverage tools such as Google My Business Messaging, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Messenger. Here’s more information on how you can set each tool up:

Prepare for User Experience Algorithm Updates

Google knows that user experience matters more than anything. Last year, Google announced that it would be factoring user experience signals into its rankings. Your business needs to take into account different factors such as web page loading time, website navigation, and your website mobile experience.

Delight Your Customers with a Seamless Customer Experience

All of these local SEO tips tie into creating a seamless customer experience. In today’s world, consumers are faced with so many choices. If you want to stand out from the competition it’s up to your brand to provide a smooth experience to every consumer from the start of their search through post-purchase. With Chatmeter, your business can leverage our robust local SEO and reputation management solutions to monitor, analyze, and improve the customer experience at scale.

If your business wants to win in local search in 2021, these tips above will be essential to focus on. Want to learn more? Chatmeter’s location experts are ready to all your local search questions and guide you in the best local SEO tactics to outrank your competition.

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