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Keep a Pulse on the chatter that matters: custom customer sentiment analysis for next-level results

Keep a Pulse on the chatter that matters: custom customer sentiment analysis for next-level results

Your brand is no carbon copy. Whether looking at industries, competitors, or your company’s regions and locations, an accurate apples-to-apples comparison doesn’t exist. From diverging expectations to local trends to quirky customer bases, it’s essential to build strategies precisely catered to the varying needs of your brand’s best buyers.

Why do multi-location brand leaders still use generalized and outdated customer sentiment tools to capture the nuanced business intelligence (BI) teams need to successfully create and manage an agile CX strategy?

With competition ever-growing and customer expectations constantly evolving, organizations must leap to the next generation of sentiment analysis embedded with AI-powered deep listening and fully customizable capabilities.

Why does my multi-location brand need customer sentiment?

Customers talk about your brand online 24/7. Between Google or Yelp reviews, feedback surveys, and social media posts, people today are anything but shy about pushing their experience onto the internet for everyone to see — including those scrolling through reviews looking for a business like yours. What they see written can massively influence whether they choose your location or the location of a nearby competitor with better feedback.

This modern reality makes brand listings and reputation management a must-have for multi-location brands. If you don’t have a robust process for monitoring and responding to online reviews, you’re losing foot traffic and revenue to the many brands that do.

But even a substantial listing and review management program isn’t enough. It’s simply the foundation designed to support the needs of today’s savvy consumer. As CX technology, customer trends, and the omnichannel purchasing journey rapidly evolve, so should your CX strategy and tech stack.

Multi-location brands must leverage the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data delivered from the customer’s (VoC) voice via online reviews and feedback. It’s here that unparalleled insights about your brand’s performance are revealed — everything from corporate-wide pain points to location-specific successes — in real-time.

Furthermore, unstructured data is estimated to grow annually from 55% to 65%. Brands that invest in the right tools to unlock invaluable BI and VoC data will get the keys to creating brilliant, revenue-generating CX strategies.

To capture these transformative BI and VoC insights, organizations need comprehensive AI-backed text and sentiment analysis software seamlessly integrated into their listings and reputation management platform. At any time, teams can discover actionable insights and use them to guide smarter, data-backed strategic decisions.

Customizable location CX technology captures what matters

Like customer trends, sentiment analysis software is quickly evolving. Forward-looking brands are already integrating these new technologies into their process — the best of which embed more deep listening, BI, and AI-backed capabilities than ever.

This exciting next generation of location CX provides fully-customizable capabilities that capture, analyze, and deliver structured and unstructured data — the chatter that really matters —  to your team across the entire enterprise, down to a specific store, and everything in between.

Customizable customer sentiment analysis tools let brands create meaningful topics and categories for their unique business needs. If a restaurant franchise releases a new menu in a test market, the corporate marketing team can track how often the item is mentioned online AND see the positive, negative, or neutral sentiment attached. Then, a well-informed and data-backed decision can be made regarding whether to roll it out nationwide — or put it on the chopping block.

Forget general consumer trends statistics from two years ago. Know exactly what people expect from your brand right now — literally! Dive under the surface of trending customer reviews to access specific insights, test the reactions to new products and services, and uncover new, unexpected ways to deliver profoundly personalized customer experiences.

Learn About Our Customized Sentiment Analysis Solutions

Pulse: the next generation of customer sentiment analysis

At Chatmeter, we’re thrilled to launch our newest feature for Pulse: Custom Topics. Pulse is Chatmeter’s groundbreaking text and sentiment analysis BI engine designed to accelerate your brand’s Location CX strategy through AI-powered deep listening.

Brands embracing the technology to unlock invaluable VoC intelligence will discover the keys to creating revenue-generating CX strategies. With Custom Topics, brands can now create unique topics about all aspects of their products, services, and customer sentiment to:

  • Get beneath the surface of trending customer reviews across all locations to reveal specific insights
  • Test the customer reaction to new products and services per location
  • Discover more ways to deliver deeply personalized location CX at every step of the customer journey from online to in-store

Explore Pulse’s Custom Topics for yourself. Click here to try the interactive demo now! Then we’d love to show you a full Pulse and Chatmeter suite demo custom-made for your brand. Request a time today, and let’s get started.

“Pulse allows us to track what our customers are talking about in their reviews. We discovered that our customers are primarily concerned with our overall customer service, not our product or policies. That information was invaluable!” — Marketing Manager at Fath Properties
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