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How to use deep listening and VoC software for stellar brand growth in 2023

How to use deep listening and VoC software for stellar brand growth in 2023

Before the new year even rang, it was clear that 2023 would shape up like none other. Between the remaining ripples from the pandemic to an unpredictable international economy to a world dependent on reliable modern technology (looking at you, Southwest), we are entering deeper into a decade that will further define how brands use digital innovation to attract, convert, and retain customers.

Brands that best utilize, leverage, and invest in data-driven digital innovations will grow and thrive through the inevitable challenges will face this year and beyond.

To gain a permanent foothold in today’s rocky and competitive landscape, brick-and-mortar brands can’t simply acknowledge the importance of innovative technology solutions. Nor is it enough to invest in CX software only to “set it and forget it.” Cutting-edge as it may be, it’s impossible to derive value through adoption alone.

For sustainable success in a sure-to-be-uncertain 2023, businesses must take an active role in the implementation and execution of CX strategies that are supported by leading-edge technology, sharp brand intelligence, and real-time customer feedback.

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With advanced deep listening and voice-of-the-customer (VoC) platforms now accessible to every marketing team, your competitors and peers have already made the leap. No longer will educated assumptions and even decades of industry experience suffice. Today’s software offerings are too powerful to compete.

In 2023, brand leaders must hear, gather, and interpret the omnichannel VoC data and insights constantly emanating from their customers. With these next-level metrics, the most innovative organizations will skillfully implement highly-intelligent CX strategies that keep current customers forever loyal and everyone else running to be next in line.

What is VoC data?

First off, what exactly is voice-of-the-customer, or VoC data? It’s the firsthand structured and unstructured feedback taken directly from customers through analog or digital means. From handwritten comment cards to Google reviews to email surveys, insights like these are vital to understanding what makes your customers tick — and how you can make future experiences even better.

To accurately interpret customer sentiment throughout the buying journey — online and off — organizations are turning to technology. Through an intricate VoC data gathering and analysis process, they are mining treasure troves of real-time consumer intelligence and experiencing a new world of possibilities in CX strategy.

As deep listening, VoC, and data mining technology’s positive impact becomes more apparent, teams are rapidly adopting software designed to track, analyze, and organize omnichannel VoC metrics. Soon, these platforms will be standard. Organizations neglecting to invest will be left behind as consumers flock to brands with tech-enabled CX strategies.

How deep listening software can enhance CX success brand-wide

The most valuable VoC data for your locations exist on channels, including Yelp, Google, and Apple Maps, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or industry-specific directories like ZocDoc, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable. This makes mining, organizing, and analyzing digital customer insights incredibly complex.

The complexity only grows for brands with dozens, 100s, or even 1000s of locations scattered across cities, regions, states, or even worldwide. Without a comprehensive strategy and system, multi-location brands struggle to answer essential customer-centric questions like:

  • Are diners at your restaurant chain satisfied with the current menu?
  • Did shoppers at your retail stores love the holiday gift offerings?
  • How many 5-star ratings did your bank’s California branches receive in 2022?
  • What do people think about the new billing process at your healthcare organization?
  • Who are the best in-store employees that deserve extra recognition?

A VoC platform with deep listening capabilities makes it easy to reveal answers to these questions and more! On a single dashboard, view all online customer reviews, ratings, and feedback across all online channels, directories, survey platforms, etc. Use in-depth reporting and analytics capabilities to further examine what’s working — and what’s not — for your customers.

That’s just the start. Dive deeper into your customers’ minds with advanced filtering features. Users can further sort reviews, ratings, feedback, etc., through filter settings like:

  • Store location
  • Regions
  • Keywords and phrases
  • Star ratings
  • Search engine result page (SERP) rankings
  • Customer sentiment

With such precise feedback, you’ll thoroughly understand every aspect of your customers’ real-time wants, needs, and expectations. Then, trust this invaluable intelligence to guide an informed, thoughtful, and agile CX strategy.

As the single source of truth for your brand’s entire online reputation, VoC and deep listening platforms will reveal the essential knowledge you need to keep your customers happy, loyal, and telling their friends.

An investment in a deep listening platform can’t wait. To exceed your competition, the time to deliver exceptionally informed end-to-end customer journeys through innovative digital technologies is now.

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