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If Parks & Recreation Characters Responded to Reviews

When customers leave a review they want to hear back from real people, not some automated response. At Chatmeter, we’ve seen thousands of review responses from hundreds of companies. When brands have more than one person responding to reviews, it can often mean more than one personality shines through in those responses. That’s why we always recommend creating templates to serve as guidelines. Otherwise, your brand’s voice could look a little inconsistent.

To demonstrate the importance of a consistent brand voice in your review responses here’s a look at how the cast of Parks and Recreation would respond to their reviews without the help of Chatmeter.

A Review of The Pawnee Children’s Park

Review by Judy M.

This park is horrible!! The swings are squeaky, it’s dangerous and I’m afraid my son will fall out of the swing. Also, there are people BBQing all day it gets smokey and now my child has asthma. The city needs to do something about this park!

Response from Ron S.

Ma’am, I can personally assure you these swings are as safe as they can be. I have installed the swings myself with reinforced steel and there is no way a full-grown man can break the swing let alone your wimpy child. Also, bbq smoke is good for a growing boy. I got my first meat smoker at the age of 4 and my lungs are perfect. You should reconsider leaving this 1-star review. Ron.

A Review of The Maple St. Dog Park

Review by Tim L.

Every time I come to this park other dogs steal my sweet Princess Mushy Face’s toys. She has special hypo-allergenic, gluten-free, vegan toys that I have to special order from the vet. Where can I submit a report for reimbursement? The city needs to pay for letting other dogs steal her toys.

Response from April L.

Tim, please submit your claim for reimbursement to the office of Nobie D. at 123 Notgunnahappen Lane. We will respond to your claim in approximately 187934973485893475983 days.  And reimbursement will only be considered after you change your dog’s stupid name. Thank you, April.

A Review of The Pawnee State Park

Review by Meryl P.

What a lovely park. My husband and I have been coming here for over 50 years. We have picnics and take long strolls through the grounds. It is the perfect place to spend our Sundays.

Response from Leslie K.

Oh my goodness this is the most wonderful review we have ever received in the history of Pawnee reviews ever!!!!!!!! I am going to scrapbook this review… can you send me a photo of you and your husband to so I can paste it next to the review?

You know what… better yet, I’ll come to the park this Sunday with a camera and just grab a few photos myself! Oh, I can even pack you a picnic! Do you like waffles? What am I saying, everyone likes waffles!! I’ll bring extra whip cream! See you on Sunday!

– Leslie Knope, Deputy Director of Pawnee Parks and Recreation

A Review of The Bread Factory Memorial Fountain

Review by Cathy G.

My daughter was drinking water out of your fountain and now she is sick. This is a terrible fountain. How are children supposed to play in this fountain if the water is going to make them sick?

Response from Ann Perkins

You need to seek medical attention for your daughter immediately. No child should be playing in this fountain! That is a health hazard and there is a clear sign not to drink the water. PLEASE, PEOPLE, STOP PLAYING IN THE FOUNTAIN!

– Ann Perkins, Public Relations Director, Health Department

A Review of The Pawnee Strip Mall

Review by Jake L.

This mall sucks. I can never find any parking. 

Response from Tom Haverford

Jake, my man! You are so right. This mall does need valet parking. I’ve been telling Leslie Knope for years that if we had valet parking more A-list celebs would stop by. Don’t worry Jake, I’ll get on this.

– Tommy H.

A Review of Pawnee Animal Control

Review by Jodie S.

Who do I need to talk to about this town’s possum problem?! This is getting really out of hand. A whole family of possums has moved into my garage and now I can’t park my car in there without getting attacked! They’ve made a nest out of my Christmas decorations! Please, someone, help!

Response from Chris Traeger

Jodie S! Jodie I am beyond sorry to hear about the possums living in your garage. This is terrible! We will get someone out there to assess the situation immediately.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. You are appreciated by everyone here in the city of Pawnee.

– Chris Traeger, City Manager, Pawnee

*Updated Review Response from Burt Macklin

Ma’am, don’t you worry, FBI agent Burt Macklin is on the case! I will personally catch and relocate all of those possums from your garage.  I have already successfully done this with the legendary opossum, Fairway Frank. Consider this case solved!

How to Create Review Response Templates

Don’t follow in the footsteps of the Parks & Recreation department, take the time to build out templates that every member of your team can use. To build brand consistent review response templates, here are some guidelines to follow:

When Responding to Positive Reviews:

  1. Thank the customer
  2. Get specific
  3. Entice them to come back

When Responding To Negative Reviews:

  1. Apologize and thank them for their feedback
  2. Respond appropriately
  3. Invite the conversation offline
  4. Keep it short and sweet

Best Practices for Review Response Templates:

  • Keep your voice consistent
  • Include contact info
  • Rotate response templates
  • Templates don’t work for every review

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