Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | January 2, 2019

BIG Changes Coming to Facebook Business Pages

Grab a pen and paper. You’re going to need it. If you’re one of 80 million Facebook Business page users, we’ve got some big news. Facebook has just announced massive changes coming to your Facebook Business Pages. Some of these changes have already taken effect, so let’s get right down to business.

#1 – Recommendations

This first change has already taken effect. Facebook reviews and star ratings have been updated to “Recommendations”. Instead of a user rating a business with a star count, it’s been replaced with the question: “Do you recommend [this business]?” with a Yes or No option.

Recommenders can then add a written review, photos and even tag specific things they recommend about the business. Facebook’s algorithm will then calculate the recommendations into your existing star ratings and present a score out of 5 (see screenshot below). You do, however, have the option to turn off the recommendations feature (but we’ll get into that).

Tag recommendations are also a big change as they ask users which products, services, and location-specific features they would recommend. The addition of tag recommendations reminds us of Google’s Contributions system. In fact, many of these updates seem to be similar in style to Google My Business listings.

Chatmeter’s recommendation on this change:

Don’t turn off the Recommendations feature. Turning off the this feature will hide all current reviews and weaken your rankings and SEO. Not to mention it kills your transparency as a business.

#2 – Actions

The next update is the addition of Facebook Actions. Actions, short for Call-to-action (CTA), allows a business to display buttons on their page enticing users to take action. Book an appointment, make an order, contact through Facebook messenger, or shop are all types of CTA’s you can add to your page.

Chatmeter’s recommendation on this change:

Set this up immediately. Not only will this create more lead conversions, but the interaction on your page can help improve your local SEO.

#3 – Increased Visibility to Your Stories

Stories were introduced to Facebook last year, following in the likes of Snapchat. Facebook Stories allow you to post a video or photo to your “story” that will stay live for up to 24 hours. As part of the new Facebook Business Page update, users can now view your story from anywhere by simply tapping your profile photo.

Chatmeter’s recommendation on this change:

If you have a video strategy in place, you should definitely take advantage of this feature. It’s a great way to build engagement with your customers. 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. So, if you have yet to introduce videos into your marketing plan, now may be the time to start thinking about it.

#4 – Customized Business Information

This is where the update starts to get really similar to the style of Google My Business listings. This update will now showcase things like business hours, recommendations, price range, or a restaurant menu in a style almost identical to Google. Even your recent posts and events are displayed in a left to right carousel, like Google Posts.

Chatmeter’s recommendation on this change:

We always recommend to include as much information in your listing as you can. For a full list of what to include, check out Chapter 5 of our Knowledge Center.

#5 – Events

The updates to Facebook Events now has a ticketing integration. You now have the option to connect your ticketing platform to Facebook, making a seamless ticketing process. In addition to ticketing, you can now turn events into ads. 700 million people browse local Facebook events to find something to do, ads are your opportunity to increase your event visibility.

Chatmeter’s recommendation on this change:

This all comes down to your ticketing platform. Check with Facebook to see which platforms integrate best with Facebook.

#6 – Jobs

In the next few months, Facebook will be expanding the reach of Facebook Jobs. It will soon be available for all businesses and users worldwide.

Chatmeter’s recommendation on this change:

As a company that’s currently expanding and hiring like crazy, we love the idea of having more access to potential applicants. This may be a good way for some businesses to find international freelancers.

As you can see, Facebook has some major updates coming your way. The recommendations feature has already been released, but check your inbox for a notice from Facebook to update your Business page. If you don’t opt-in now, the rest of the changes to your business page will take effect on August 22nd, 2018. Mark your calendars, you’ll want to check in on your page that day to make sure your current information transferred over correctly and fix any inconsistencies or missing information.

For our current listing management customers, feel free to reach out to your listing specialist for more information on the update and how our reporting will be reflecting these changes.