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What your multi-location brand needs to know about Apple Business Connect [2023]

What your multi-location brand needs to know about Apple Business Connect [2023]

The next evolution of online business listings for Apple Maps is here! In early 2023, Apple released Apple Business Connect, the latest update to the brand’s business location management platform and workflow.

Formally replacing Apple Maps Connect, Apple Business Connect enables multi-location businesses to seamlessly claim, manage, and analyze location listings on Apple Maps while maximizing online visibility and conversion rates.


There are tons of exciting new features and updates ready for exploration. Here is some helpful information on how to get everything out of this fantastic toolset:

What is Apple Business Connect?

Like its predecessor, Apple Business Connect supports brands in building out, verifying, and optimizing their business listing profiles on Apple Maps. On a verified profile, any brand can edit business details and information, including:

  • Uploading photos
  • Adding addresses, websites, and phone numbers
  • Updating brand logos
  • Editing business hours
  • Customizing call-to-action buttons

Additionally, Apple Maps now offers in-depth insights and analytics, campaign tracking URL capabilities, and a Showcase feature for enhanced opportunities to advertise in-store promotions.

Any location-based organization can use Apple Business Connect. However, depending on the size of your business, access to certain features varies. Currently, an enterprise multi-location brand is defined by Apple as having 25 locations or more that aren’t franchises. They must also go through Apple to become officially qualified.


Approved enterprise-level brands can also utilize the new bulk editing and uploading feature within Apple Business Connect by enlisting an approved third-party listings partner. Through an API, brands can quickly, easily, and accurately update Apple Maps profile information for every location worldwide with just a few clicks.

Brands with fewer than 25 locations can still edit, verify, upload, and customize listings via Apple Business Connect. However, each listing update must be made individually, and other features are limited or inaccessible to smaller organizations.

What’s new with Apple Business Connect vs. Apple Maps Connect

The central dashboard has been revamped to enhance user-friendliness. Users also have greater access to analytics, insights, and tracking parameters to better interpret metrics. With these metrics, organizations can launch smarter, agile, and data-backed strategies to attract, convert, and retain more customers.

Here’s a deeper breakdown of the top highlights your multi-location brand needs to know about the Apple Business Connect update:

Insights + Analytics

Stop making assumptions about your success on Apple Maps. Just tap into your Apple Business Connect profile and get real-time access to your metrics. From the number of profile views to an interactive heat map, gain essential data necessary to make smarter business decisions.

Eye-Catching Content

Add richer, detailed text and descriptions alongside alluring photos, graphics, and banner-style cover images. The user-friendly profile interfaces let brands curate beautifully customizable and in-depth profiles designed to attract the perfect customers to their brick-and-mortar stores.


Highlight exciting new products, sales, services, events, or other time-limited promotional content directly on your Apple Maps listings, along with a customized call to action button. Tip: All Showcases expire after 30 days, so have something new ready to push live after the previous Showcase has ended.

This is just the beginning of what’s to come with Apple Business Connect and Apple Maps. Industry insiders are already buzzing about the likely expansions in advertising capabilities, deeper metrics and insights, and innovative features built to put a brighter spotlight on brands like yours.

By investing in a robust process and strategy for Apple Maps today, you’ll be well ahead of the competition before they even begin. Learn more about Apple Business Connect and how your brand can build next-level online listings that attract more customers to your storefronts.

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