Brookshire Brothers

Wanting to remain “the friendliest grocer around” Brookshire Brothers partnered with Chatmeter to increase their online visibility and protect their brand’s reputation through an all-in-one local SEO platform. See how the grocery-based retail chain Brookshire Brothers has utilized review response, listings, and other features to better connect with their customers while growing their locations.

Brookshire Brothers: A Century of Community and Customer Service

For more than a century, Brookshire Brothers has been committed to community and customer service. Once a single general store in Texas, the retail chain now boasts over 200 employee-owned locations. Encompassing seven brands, Brookshire Brothers extends across the Lone Star State and into Louisiana with grocery stores, gas stations, coffee shops, pharmacies, and more.

The Challenge

As the organization grew through new locations and brand acquisitions, Brookshire Brothers’ desire to cultivate amazing customer experiences never wavered. They also wanted to remain competitive in an increasingly online marketplace, especially after realizing that 71% of retailers use mobile location strategies to boost store traffic.

The Solution

Chatmeter found significant opportunities for Brookshire Brothers to exceed their goals in less time. The recommended strategies were designed to:

  • Boost visibility on local search channels
  • Optimize listings across online directories like Yelp, Google, and Apple Maps
  • Increase the efficiency of responding to reviews and feedback
  • Enhance the customer experience online and off

By investing in a platform designed specifically for multi-location brands, Brookshire Brothers implemented solutions that perfectly fit their overall strategy. “Chatmeter opened an opportunity to fully engage with our customers,” says Mackenzie Brookshire, the brand’s Loyalty Marketing Specialist. “We’re resonating in ways that we’ve never been able to do. Many of these opportunities to resonate with buyers emerged through the integration of data-driven Listings and Reputation Management software as a key part of their customer experience strategy.

Chatmeter’s Listings Management solution safeguards listings from inaccuracies, duplicates, and bad data. It also saves manpower and reduces errors with an option to update all listings at oncenot one by one. From the same dashboard, Brookshire Brothers interact with more customers in less time with Chatmeter’s Reputation Management platform. From thanking shoppers for a 5-star review, asking for constructive feedback, or offering an apology for substandard service, they reply to multiple responses in seconds rather than minutes.

Since investing in Chatmeter, the Brookshire Brothers team has seen an exponential spike in reviews. With the Analytics solution, they’ve also tracked a marked improvement in their online performance while simultaneously gathering valuable insights into their buyer’s shopping experience.

The Results

After one year with Chatmeter, Brookshire Brothers reported substantial improvements in their online reputation and visibility. They saw a 25.7% increase in five-star reviews, a 38.4% increase in page one rankings on Google, and an 81.4% rise in Yelp reviews.

Enthusiastic about Chatmeter’s support and expertise, Brookshire Brothers looks forward to a long

“ Working with the Chatmeter team has been the best. The account reps take a genuine interest in helping Brookshire Brothers improve and grow. They’re always quick to help however they can. I work with quite a few vendors, and Chatmeter 100% takes the cake.”

Mary Perkins, Digital Media Associate at Brookshire Brothers

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  • Create greater trust and loyalty
  • Strategically grow their brand


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