Using AI to optimize CX at scale

Every online customer review can influence your business’s daily foot traffic, organic search visibility, and reputation. To ensure that those influences remain positive, more businesses rely on new trends in AI software technology to monitor reviews and enhance the overall customer experience. In this fireside-style webinar, Chatmeter CTO Dan Cunningham, CareVet Customer Experience Captain Sydney Pultman, Richard Clarke from Northland, and guest speaker Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell will discuss how these technologies improve consumer engagement, enhance the review management process, and support successful, customer-centric businesses.

Join the on-demand session to learn:

  • Why responding to online reviews is essential for business growth
  • Insights on analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data to generate transformational results and to find the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’
  • Which tools can assist and streamline your review response process – Best practices for responding to customer feedback
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