Today’s Evolving Consumer: Data and Trends in CX Success

Take a data-driven approach in investigating the ever-changing landscape of today’s consumer needs, values, and expectations across a range of industries. Presented along with our partners at Localogy, watch our webinar, Meeting the Needs of Today’s Evolving Consumer: Data and Trends in CX Success. Allen Rosenbaum, Channel Enablement Manager, and Ian Lonsdale, Director of Commerical Sales, discuss the insights and essential data required when developing a winning customer experience-driven strategy.

Start telling your brand’s story through data and metrics with sentiment analysis, location-based metrics, customer review insights, and more to gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs and desires.

You will also learn:

  • The potential impact of emerging consumer trends
  • The evolving definition of “positive customer experience”
  • How to transform consumer trend data into actionable insights


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