Pulse sentiment analysis

Pulse is Chatmeter’s text and sentiment analysis engine designed to intuitively read, analyze, and report on millions of customer reviews and comments about your brand. By seeing exactly what your real customers are saying in real-time, at any time, you’ll discover actionable insights pulled directly from reviews, social mentions, and feedback surveys.

Your customers are talking.
Are you listening?

Making sense of the online conversation about your brand can feel enormously challenging. You know you need to get inside the minds of your customers to bring them through your doors, but parsing all that data and information can seem insurmountable.

Meet Pulse. Pulse is Chatmeter’s powerful text and sentiment analysis engine. Pulse uses artificial intelligence to read, analyze, and report on millions of customer reviews and comments about your brand. Pulse provides a visual and highly intuitive way to track trends and pinpoint what matters most to your customers.

Pulse helps brands:

  • Identify areas of operational improvement
  • Compare how locations or groups are performing in the eyes of customers
  • Track customer sentiment over time
  • Monitor customer feedback on new products or initiatives

With an accuracy score of 88%, Pulse’s Natural Language Processing technology highlights key phrases and words that your customers use to express their sentiments about your brand online.


“Pulse helps us see what is resonating so we can adapt to our client’s needs.”
Catherine Sdao, Midway Companies

Case study

A large hospital system noticed a rising trend of negative reviews and used Pulse to pinpoint the exact time of the reviews and that the topic was “staff.”

The hospital implemented bedside manner training to improve the patient experience, and the negative reviews at that location trended down.

Download to learn how Pulse can help your brand grow by:

  • Identifying and resolving common in-store issues
  • Validating product or service successes and pain points
  • Uncovering new business opportunities
  • Improving the customer experience
  • And much more!
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