Pulse Custom Topics

Pulse is Chatmeter’s text and sentiment analysis engine designed to improve Location CX through AI-powered deep listening. The result is unparalleled information about your brand’s performance — the challenges and opportunities for growth — all in real-time.

“Pulse allows us to track what our customers are talking about in their reviews. We discovered that our customers are primarily concerned with our overall customer service, not our product or policies. That information was invaluable!”
Fath Properties

With Pulse Custom Topics, brands now have a way to dig deeper into the customer chatter that matters

Custom topics is new functionality that lets brands dive more deeply into customer experiences based on tracking specific topics across all online customer feedback.

Download to learn how Pulse Custom Topics can help your brand grow by:

  • Getting beneath the surface of trending customer reviews
  • Testing customer reactions to new products and services
  • Delivering personalized location CX
  • And much more!
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