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See how A&W partnered with Chatmeter to boost its online reputation and create greater trust and loyalty to strategically grow its brand and improve its overall customer experience.

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Over a century after serving their first mug, A&W boasts hundreds of locations across the U.S. and revenues of over $330 million. With so many locations to manage, the company is laser-focused on elevating the customer experience and applying insights from consumer data to drive business strategy.

The challenge

In A&W’s highly competitive industry where searches for “food open now” have increased 210% over the past year, the company consistently lost out to competitors by not appearing in online search results. A&W set out to take control of their local business listings and better understand the customer experience.

The solution

In search of an effective solution and—possibly, more importantly—a partner who could help them drive more foot traffic to their stores, A&W turned to Chatmeter.

A&W realized that investing in a high-quality and efficient local SEO and review management solution would help them better understand the online and offline customer experience at their franchised locations. They could also easily claim, clean, and optimize local business listings to ensure consistency and accuracy across all their locations.

“We have been using Chatmeter at a higher level. Whenever a franchisee wants to open a new location we look at Chatmeter reviews, participation on the platform, and whether the store managers are trained on Chatmeter. This is part of our scorecard that determines whether they can open a new location.”
– A&W spokesperson

The results

After just four months with Chatmeter, A&W saw significant results:


increase in Page-1
appearances on Yelp


increase in Page-1
appearances on Google


increase in click-to-call
actions on Google