A and W Case Study


Wanting to invest in a high-quality and efficient local SEO and review management solution, A&W partnered with Chatmeter to help them better understand the online and offline customer experience at their franchised locations. Dig into how our solutions support their strategy.

A&W Restaurants

As one of America’s iconic fast-food chains, A&W Restaurants has a long and storied past. Launched in 1919 with a California roadside root beer stand, the business became famous for serving up frosty mugs of foamy root beer. Now, over a century after serving their first mug, A&W boasts hundreds of locations across the U.S. and Canada and a revenue of over $330 million.

Today, A&W Restaurants has its feet firmly planted in the present when it comes to the keen business decisions required to grow. With so many locations to manage, the company is laser-focused on elevating the customer experience and applying insights from consumer data to drive business strategy

The Challenge

In A&W’s highly competitive industry where searches for “food open now” have increased 210% over the past year, the company consistently lost out to competitors by not appearing in online search results. A&W set out to take control of their local business listings and better understand the customer experience. To do so, they set three key goals:

  • Claim all listings to improve “near me” search accuracy
  • Increase online visibility and search rankings with optimized local SEO strategies
  • Glean customer insight and boost loyalty by responding to reviews as consistently and quickly as possible

A&W knew they needed to understand consumer sentiment to inform and validate their business decisions. They also wanted to become a more data-driven organization at every level of the company seeking actionable recommendations that would have a positive impact across all their locations.

The Solution

In search of an effective solution and—possibly, more importantly—a partner who could help them drive more foot traffic to their stores, A&W turned to Chatmeter.

Chatmeter’s Listings and Review management software allow businesses to:

  • Easily update all local business listings
  • Monitor and track review quality and quantity
  • Understand and measure the competitive landscape
  • Quickly reply to reviews with custom templates and bulk response

The Results

After just four months with Chatmeter, A&W saw significant results:

  • 12% increase in Page-1 appearances on Yelp
  • 15% increase in Page-1 appearances on Google
  • 13% increase in click-to-call actions on Google

A&W was thrilled to see their five-star reviews on Google increase by 25% and their listing accuracy by 36%. Their review response rates also went up by 34%.

In partnership with Chatmeter, A&W successfully surfaced unseen customer experiences across the enterprise. Along with award-winning support and industry-leading solutions, A&W can now make better informed strategic decisions and new opportunities to strengthen its brand both at a location and organizational level.

“We want to train our teams to use Chatmeter as a reward system. So that when customers leave positive reviews our store managers can leverage that to inspire and reward their people.”

A&W spokesperson

A&W Case Study

Learn how we help A&W:

  • Improve their customer’s experience
  • Boost their online reputation
  • Create greater trust and loyalty
  • Strategically grow their brand


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