MR MIKES Steakhouse Casual case study

See how MR MIKES focuses on customer satisfaction by partnering with Chatmeter.

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Today, MR MIKES® is known as “the casualist place ever” and loved for its irreverent, welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere. With 46 franchise locations across Canada, the restaurant provides both a dining room and bar side, so that diners get a “pick your own adventure” experience.

The challenge

As MR MIKES expanded, there was an increasing need to manage its online reputation. As a multi-location brand, MR MIKES was able to optimize. Leadership and franchisees knew they needed a better, faster, and more efficient way of maintaining a superior customer journey from online to in-restaurant. The search began for an all-in-one technology solution that would make managing MR MIKES’ reputation a breeze while still providing an authentic, on-brand customer experience.

The solution

MR MIKES discovered Chatmeter and was impressed with the range of solutions the platform offered — all from a single dashboard. Their online presence while driving real-time impact through relevant insights gleaned from critical CX moments that matter. MR MIKES and Chatmeter embarked on a partnership to help the restaurant’s management team take their CX to the next level.

Today, Chatmeter not only allows MR MIKES to efficiently manage all online listings, social media posts, and review responses, but also provides the team with the power to gauge customer sentiment, ensuring that their patrons get the authentic MR MIKES experience at every step of the customer journey.

“Implementing Chatmeter went so smoothly, and due to the user-friendly experience, the platform was easy to roll out to our teams across all of our locations.”
Darian Newstead, Senior Marketing Manager at MR MIKES

The results

The partnership between MR MIKES and Chatmeter proves that when two agile, customer focused organizations join forces — great things happen! Just see the results:


listings accuracy


review response rate


of all reviews are positive