Legend Homes case study

See how Legend Homes partnered with Chatmeter to build brand awareness and positive customer experiences.

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Legend Homes is a Texas-based homebuilder focused on providing houses in vibrant communities, with a core belief that everyone deserves to live in a place of their own.

The challenge

With a desire for increased sales, while maintaining a positive customer experience, Legend knew it needed to focus on its online presence. This is why Legend Homes turned to brand intelligence and reputation management company Chatmeter in April 2022. With Chatmeter’s unique Listings Management solution, Legend Homes was able to ensure its listings were up to date and accurate, improve online visibility, and easily listen and respond to online feedback from homebuyers.

The solution

Through Chatmeter, Legend Homes can manage and update listings for its many properties quickly and efficiently, which allows the team to keep all the details current and easy to find for homebuyers. With this managed online presence, Legend Homes keeps their customers up-to-date on all their properties as the company expands. Today, Legend has a 98% listings accuracy score across online search providers.

In 2023, Legend Homes rebranded some of its communities in the San Antonio market – from Bella Vista Homes to the current company name. And as rebrands go, there were a lot of logos, names, and moving parts behind the scenes that needed to be tracked and updated. Chatmeter’s Listings Management made this a breeze.

“Chatmeter helped us make sure the rebrand went smoothly. We were able to bring the communities under one corporate umbrella, make sure our brands were speaking the same language, and explain to people why the name change was happening. Balancing all of that would have been hard without Chatmeter.”
Drew Gieseke, Content Marketing Manager

The results

In just over a year of partnership with Chatmeter, Legend Homes celebrates a successful, efficient rebrand of communities that were brought under one name:


listings accuracy
across search providers


locations efficiently
managed through Chatmeter