Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | January 2, 2019

New: Chatmeter’s Yelp Knowledge + Listings Partnership Makes Managing Your Yelp Profile Easier

Chatmeter’s all-in-one platform has made local brand management even easier with its expanded partnership with Yelp. As a Yelp Knowledge + Listing Management Partner, Chatmeter now offers our clients the unique ability to manage their multi-location Yelp profiles from within the Chatmeter platform. With over 163 million cumulative reviews and counting, Yelp is the leading consumer review site,  connecting consumers with local business in all industries, from retail to restaurants to home services. Here’s what our Yelp Knowledge + Listing Management Partnership means for Chatmeter users.

The Yelp Knowledge + Listing Management Partnership

This partnership is designed to help multi-location enterprises better monitor their Yelp reviews, as monitoring reviews for over 10 locations can be overwhelming for large brands. As a Yelp Knowledge + Listing Management Partner, we are able to simplify enterprise management through a direct integration with the Chatmeter platform.

Updates to the Chatmeter Platform

Our additional integration with Yelp now makes it easier for users to access and update their Yelp listings from within the Chatmeter dashboard. Here are the features that clients* will now have access to:

  • Review monitoring
  • Review responding
  • Claim listings
  • Update listings (business name, address, phone, business hours, description, and more)
  • Duplicate listing removal
  • Yelp analytics

These features give multi-location businesses more control over their Yelp listings and help businesses make bulk changes to multiple locations at once (for example: updating business hours, changing phone numbers or other important business details). It also helps brands identify the individual locations that are performing better or worse than average.

Yelp Knowledge

The ability to monitor and respond to Yelp reviews through Yelp Knowledge enables a brand to take more control over their reputation. We know just by simply listening, understanding and then providing authentic unique responses to customers’ feedback, there is a 33% chance a Yelp user will upgrade their rating*. Our Pulse tool analyzes review sentiment and identifies the negative and positive feelings customers have towards a specific topic.

Yelp Listing Management

Yelp listing management is extremely helpful for growing businesses because it makes it easier to claim and set up Yelp pages for new locations. Users can update or add the following to their Yelp listing: business name, address, phone number, website, description, logo, and hours. We’re also working on expanding the features to include menus, services and more.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Yelp listing management is extremely helpful for growing businesses because it makes it easier to claim and set up new locations.[/tweet_box]

Yelp Analytics

One of the most exciting new features on Chatmeter is that brands can now see Yelp insights, which allows clients to view Yelp analytics on either an individual location or the corporate brand level.

Here’s what’s in the report:

  • Search Impressions
  • Page Views
  • Actions such as phone calls or map clicks
  • Historical Data
  • Store Comparisons

This reporting will give you an in-depth look at how your Yelp listings are performing by brand as a whole and by location. The analytics provided in this report give you the ability to make strategic improvements to your brand’s reputation down to the local level.

This new integration is an exciting addition to our platform. All of the features mentioned above come with the Yelp Knowledge + Listing Management Partnership. We’re thrilled we can now provide our clients with a seamless integration to Yelp from our platform. If you’re a multi-location business interested in learning how the Chatmeter platform can make managing your Yelp profile easier, schedule a free demo to learn more.