Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | January 2, 2019

Workflow – A Better Way To Take Control Of Your Brand’s Reputation

We’ve been giving our customers the power to monitor and manage their local listings, reviews, and social media accounts for years. Much like our software, we’re always listening to customer feedback. We started to notice that our customers wanted a way to take more action with our software.

In 2018, we’ve seen customer reviews at a record high. 68% of consumers leave local business reviews and 95% of shoppers read those reviews before making a purchase decision. Customer buying behavior has also shifted from wanting products and services to wanting experiences which is why customer feedback is now discussed in the C-Suite regularly. Additionally, negative reviews go viral on social media every day. It’s these trends that created the need for a deeper integration into the business so that you always have the right people monitoring and responding to reviews at the right time.

In order to make this happen and empower our customers to take more control over their brand’s reputation, we got right to work revamping our Workflow system within the Chatmeter dashboard. The result? A tool that revolutionizes the way you manage your brand’s local reputation.

What is Workflow?

Workflow is a task management and productivity tool that identifies and helps you take action on various tasks like responding to reviews, commenting on social media posts, and updating your listing information. These tasks can then be automatically or manually assigned to different users on your team. You can also set priority levels and due dates depending on the task type.

Tasks can be set up to automatically notify a specific user as soon as our software detects a change to one of your listings, a new review, or a recent social comment. These notifications happen in real-time empowering your team to take action immediately.

Workflow has a built-in approval system, that makes approving sensitive tasks, like review responses, simple. By setting up the roles and responsibilities of users, you can assign specific types of tasks to users.

All tasks and user activity is tracked along the way and used to create easy-to-read reports. These reports help you to identify the number of tasks you receive each day, how quickly users are able to accomplish tasks and if there are any stuck-points in the workflow.

How can workflow help my brand?

Our updated Workflow tool is designed to make it easier for your whole team to accomplish every task needed to improve your brand’s online visibility.

Control – With real-time alerts and reporting, Workflow gives you the power to control the conversation.

Collaboration – Seamlessly collaborate with team members in order to accomplish tasks efficiently.

Prioritization – Workflow helps you to identify and resolve the most pressing tasks first.

Ownership – Give your team ownership over accomplishing specific tasks. Not only does this help your team to stay on track, but it helps management to identify any holding points.

How can I use Workflow?

Workflow for Review Management

Workflow is a lifesaver when it comes to managing reviews. You can now set-up automatic alerts, prioritization, and user roles. With built-in approval processes based on user permissions, your review response strategy is now seamless. You can draft your own responses or use our customizable templates to make it even easier to respond quickly to customer feedback.

Workflow also allows you to share sensitive reviews with other members of your team like Legal or the Store Manager. Chatmeter’s software offers unlimited users and accounts which makes it easy to collaborate between departments in order to create a unified response and resolve any issues.

Workflow for Listing Management

We know first hand how much work is involved in managing your listings, our listing management team handles listings for tens of thousands of locations for our customers. On average, listings can change about every 6 days. We are extremely proud to say that Workflow is the only task management tool to include listing management tasks. In an effort to ensure listing consistency and accuracy, our Workflow tool automatically notifies you and creates a task for the following listing issues:

  • Missing Listings: If no listing exists for your location on a site, you can create one.
  • Listing Inaccuracies: Keep your listings accurate across every site.
  • Listing Optimization: Enhance listings by adding details like photos, categories, and business descriptions.
  • Duplicate Listings: Remove duplicate listings to avoid customer confusion and lower rankings.

Workflow for Social Media Management

You no longer have to worry about missing a social media comment again. Workflow is the secret to making sure each and every social comment is responded to in a timely matter. 46% of customers who leave a comment on a brand’s social media page expect a response within 6-hours. Workflow makes the 6-hour response window an achievable goal. In addition to comment monitoring, Workflow can also be used to create, approve, and publish social posts. Build brand loyalty by posting content to social media daily.  Workflow empowers your team to engage with fans no matter where they are.

Custom Tasks

Need more tasks? Set up custom tasks within the task setting panel and create as many tasks as you need.

Workflow Reporting

Each task and user activity is meticulously tracked and compiled into interactive reports. Workflow tracks and creates both task and user reports. In the task report, you can get an overview of the number of tasks created and completed, as well as a breakdown of the tasks by type. In the task report, you can also see how utilizing workflow helps to improve your Local Brand Visibility (LBV) score.

In the user report, you can see detailed activity metrics for each user. This helps you to get an overview of your team’s productivity as a whole or individually. This report is useful in identifying any stuck-points in the process. For example, you can see if managers are taking too long to approve tasks or if a user has too many overdue tasks.

Chatmeter’s updated Workflow tool makes managing your brand’s local reputation easier. Task management for every aspect of local SEO helps brands to take immediate action on recent reviews, social media posts, and local listing management. If you’re looking to improve your local SEO efforts, Workflow is the easiest way to build your brand visibility.