Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | August 30, 2023

Webinar Recap: Creating CX brand intelligence with the power of AI

Understanding the wants, needs, and pain points of customers is key to brands ensuring customer loyalty and standing out from their competition. But how exactly do teams sort through the abundance of data coming in from every review and social media site, and gain the insights needed to provide the ultimate customer experience? 

In our webinar, “Creating brand intelligence with the power of AI,” Sr. Product Manager, Morrissey Balsamides, SVP of Customer Success, Jared Norris, and Sr. Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Kylie Nimmo, sit down to chat about how AI is changing the customer experience- for the better. Our experts explore how Chatmeter AI power-user and hospitality management group, Northland Properties, is using AI to dive into the voice of the customer and to make each one feel heard.

Evolving times for customer experience

Gone are the days when customers would simply share their experiences by word-of-mouth. Today, customers are letting their voices be heard far and wide via online reviews and social media platforms. The biggest challenge for brands is sorting through all the noise of unstructured data, ie. consumer feedback stored on review and social media platforms, to truly hear what customers are saying. This challenge is exactly what Northland Properties was experiencing before turning to Chatmeter. 

Northland Properties follows their motto of, “guest obsession.” The hospitality brand makes it a point to know who their guests are to ensure they come back time and time again. It is crucial to the Company that they stand out against their competitors, and doing so requires digging deep into what their customers have to say. Knowing why a customer is returning, or going elsewhere, is key to driving customer loyalty. 

In this clip, Sr. Product Manager Morrissey Balsamides addresses this notion of “customer obsession,” and the importance of surfacing customer feedback from unstructured data.


The process of information gathering

Let’s be honest, it’s tough out there for a brand these days. Businesses are struggling to keep up with the ever-growing landscape of social media and review sites, and the vast amount of information coming from each. Marketers are having to shift from a mindset of looking at traditional structured data, such as a financial report, to finding a way to glean actionable insights from all of the unstructured data out there. 

What brands are looking for is a solution to cut through the noise, and efficiently surface what customers saying, without investing in a multitude of technologies:

“Structured data sources aren’t going away, but what we’re starting to see is this explosion of unstructured data that’s really taking over. Brands can’t be everywhere all at once and listen to their customer base on a deeper level. So you need to lean in on technologies that will allow you to be able to do this deep listening at scale.” -Jared Norris, SVP Customer Success

In the following video, Jared discusses the overwhelming nature of unstructured data, and how actionable insights are the answer for Chatmeter’s clients:


Leveraging AI

Here’s the good news— thanks to AI-powered technology, brands are now being armed with the solutions to clearly hear what customers are saying. Generative AI, a deep learning model that generates text, images, etc., has played a huge part in empowering multi-location brands by bringing comprehensive and holistic analysis to light. 

Northland Properties leverages AI on the Chatmeter platform to efficiently and effectively see what customers are saying in reviews. Solutions such as Pulse, a sentiment analysis tool, and AI Generator, which suggests copy for a review response or social posts, allow Northland to address customer issues in real-time:

“A really good example of this would be the Northland’s Cleanliness Report. With Pulse, they’re collecting mentions in their reviews that talk about cleanliness in a number of different ways. Not necessarily just the word, ‘cleanliness’, but things surrounding that entire topic. They used to have to manually sort through thousands of reviews, and now they can log in and see this on their dashboard.” -Kilie Nimmo, Sr. Enterprise Customer Success Manager

In this video, Jared Norris addresses creating the ultimate customer experience through actionable insights, and how AI is helping brands grow at scale:


Because of these new types of AI-powered solutions in the Chatmeter platform, multi-location brands can take unstructured data, such as reviews, social comments, and even survey results, and quantify them in a new way. Employees no longer have to read loads of data or rely on a specific mention of a particular item, but rather uplevel that data into something organizations can use to make quick and informed decisions.

The impact and excitement of AI

Results from a poll taken during the webinar showed that 64% of respondents are currently using AI-powered technologies to assist in their jobs. This goes to show that employees and their organizations are taking the leap into this new technological ecosystem and recognizing the advantages AI provides. That said, 28% of respondents reported that they are not using AI for their job. The difference between brands who have adopted AI technology, versus those who haven’t, is an important difference for businesses to make note of:

“We have 64% of people saying that they’re already using AI tools, and there’s a lot of things to gain from using those tools. Some of these people could be your competitors. Adopting these new technologies, such as generative AI, will help match against those competitors.” – Morrissey Balsamides, Sr. Product Manager

Thanks to these AI-powered solutions, customers are not just being listened to, they’re being heard, and at a rate many brands (and customers) have never experienced. Generative AI is helping businesses keep up with the pace and veracity of their customers. AI is allowing companies to not only save time and money but retain valued customers by knowing who they are and what they need. As the old adage goes, “think smarter, not harder,”—  now with AI. 


Learn how your brand can leverage AI for a better customer experience and outshine the competition: Watch the webinar now!