Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | June 13, 2023

Using AI generator for easier brand management

Using AI generator for easier brand management

AI Generator: the good, the bad, and the not so ugly

By now, most folks have heard of generative AI, or at least possess a basic understanding of what it does. By definition, an AI generator, or artificial intelligence generator, is a computer program or system that uses artificial intelligence techniques to create content based on what the human is asking for. DALL-E, the image generator that can create realistic images and art based on natural language descriptions, is one example. So is ChatGPT, a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more. This evolution in AI is setting up ways for people to not only be more creative but also allow for businesses to grow more rapidly, and more efficiently, than ever. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

However, many people, industries, and businesses are deeply concerned about the power of AI. Concerns about privacy, deep faking, falsifying art, and homework exist. Many people are also worried about AI replacing their jobs. Even the CEO of OpenAI has signed an open letter to global leaders warning that AI could be a threat to the extinction of the human race. And while the world of AI can feel a bit like the wild west right now, there’s no question that this is a pivotal moment in our technological development, not unlike the dawn of the internet.

AI technology gains popularity and advances every day. Why does AI matter? What are its advantages? What about AI tech should we be careful of? Panelists of a recent World Economic Forum AI & Machine Learning webinar grappled with precisely these questions. AI generators use machine learning algorithms, from massive amounts of data, to create content that resembles the patterns, structures, and characteristics reflecting human intelligence, without requiring extensive training or interaction with a human engineer. However, according to Armughan Ahmad, CEO and President at Appen, the global leader of AI lifecycle data, “Assuming humans aren’t required in the loop at all would be a mistake, they, we, are still crucial to getting the best out of AI.”

One of the challenges of generative AI is that it tends to “hallucinate”. Because AI tools like ChatGPT are trained to provide quick answers based on interpreting the language in your prompt, in some cases, it resorts to providing completely inaccurate information because it lacks the very human ability to judge inconsistencies, or false information, in what it’s telling you. This is when AI hallucinates in order to give you what it thinks you want to hear. AI data scientists are working to solve this problem and create AI tools that don’t offer false information or produce offensive or biased content.

That said, there is so much about this groundbreaking technology that can make everyday life easier:

  • Efficiency & scalability
  • Cost efficacy
  • Improving SEO
  • Creative prompts

As Ahmad said, “This is the first time in the fourth industrial revolution that [farmers in developing countries] can take access to a properly trained generative AI model, and ask a question in their language to get a government subsidy then because someone can very quickly train that model and give them access to that,” And that is just one of many examples.

AI generator makes brand reputation management easier than ever

Chatmeter has long used AI to power its sentiment analysis tool, Pulse, which has the power to surface the online chatter about your brand that resides in your unstructured data. We recently launched two new generative AI features for both our Reputation and Social Media Management solutions. These features make it simple for you to reply to reviews, and create social posts! Chatmeter is dedicated to responsible AI. Reputation management is uniquely suited to generative AI because the AI is primarily engaging with sentiment analysis to create human-centered responses to reviews and social posts.

Here are some of the ways Chatmeter’s generative AI features can work for you:

  • Generate a perfect on-brand response to customer reviews in seconds 
    With the click of a button, Chatmeter’s AI Generator for review response suggests a reply in seconds that’s accurate, authentic, and consistent across all your locations, saving you some creative headspace for another project.

  • Efficiency for the win
    Generative AI is a time saver. There’s nothing like sitting at your keyboard, staring at the screen until you’ve concocted the perfect post for your audience or finessed the right response to a not-so-great review. The power of this tool frees you up to attack all the other items on your crowded plate that you may not have had the time for previously – and that’s definitely a win!
  • Human Intelligence still reigns
    While the convenience of generative AI is great, there’s no denying that nothing can replace a keen human eye for navigating the nuances of a tricky response or social post. We get that so we’ve provided you with the ability to report any less-than-spot-on copy. Clicking the Report Response button helps our developers retrain the AI to ensure the perfect response. If you’re not sold on the content produced, click the AI Generator button again to get a new response. And, of course, you can edit any copy as you see fit.

How to keep things copacetic between AI and your brand

Generative AI is a work in progress.  So, cultivating a healthy skepticism about what AI delivers is highly recommended. AI tech can be a force for good in society and business, but it can’t replace our human intuition, our sense of right and wrong, or when you have that “gut” feeling that a customer review might need a more fine-tuned response.

Bottom line: generative AI is here to stay. Although we, as a world community, do not know how AI will develop and in what ways it will impact all our lives, Chatmeter has harnessed the power of AI so you can work smarter, not harder – and that’s pretty darn cool.

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