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How to uncover your enterprise’s blind spots for CX success

How to uncover your enterprise’s blind spots for CX success

It’s no surprise that companies across all vertical markets are beginning to shift their approaches toward their customer experience (CX) strategies. After all, CX has emerged as a leading business driver over the past few years.

According to the 2021 Dimension Data Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, C-level responsibility for customer experience doubled in 2021, and 43.5% of organizations fully agreed that CX is a primary differentiator from the competition.

Source: CXBR 2021

However, due to a disconnect between customer service, marketing, and sales teams, many enterprises have limited visibility of how their customers interact with their brands. Thus, creating blind spots.

First things first – what exactly is a blind spot?

Blind spots are the areas where an enterprise lacks awareness of its weaknesses. Blind spots potentially have a significant impact on customer experience, satisfaction, and retention, which ultimately leads to decreased revenue. There are many reasons why blind spots occur, but when it comes to CX, there are three key situations that foster that lack of awareness.

  • Customers staying quiet
    Many unsatisfied customers choose not to speak up. According to Esteban Kolsky, a CX expert, only 1 in 26 customers tell a business about their negative experience, and roughly 91% of non-complainers leave.
  • Inadequate visibility into CX across all channels
    Consistency and visibility are essential when businesses interact with customers across multiple touch points in the online-to-offline journey. Businesses need a connected, omnichannel CX strategy to ensure that they have full visibility into their customer experience.
  • Ineffective monitoring of online channels
    Many enterprises have minimal or marginally effective solutions when monitoring and engaging with customers over their online channels. Faced with the reality that 90% of buyers are more likely to convert after reading online reviews, C-suite leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of monitoring and responding to online reviews, comments, and other communication.

How to excel at CX to eliminate blind spots

The fastest, most effective path to CX excellence and full visibility into all aspects of your business’s customer journey is the adoption of AI and machine learning tech that reveals real-time insights straight from the voice of your customers. It is within this wealth of unstructured data that businesses can access the raw, unfiltered customer sentiment they need to turn insights into actions that create hyper-personalized human-to-human connections that customers crave.

Customers are clear about what they want from the business they patronize:

Source: CXBR 2021

These are three areas where enterprises should take advantage of AI technology to enhance their CX and identify blind spots. According to Dimension Data, an information technology company, one in three businesses using digital and/or automated CX solutions say they’re fully satisfied with the insights gained and the impact on their bottom line.

Reputation management and brand intelligence companies, such as Chatmeter, offer data-driven solutions designed to help multi-location brands optimize online visibility, reputation, and CX strategy at scale.

Chatmeter is the only reputation management company to combine AI-powered deep listening with real-time CX agility to drive customer loyalty and growth for multi-location enterprises. Powering success for thousands of global brands, Chatmeter is an ideal solution for simplifying CX management, improving reputation scores, and delivering unmatched brand intelligence at both the local and enterprise level.

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