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Does my multi-location brand need international Listings Management?

Does my multi-location brand need international Listings Management?

Today’s digital habits continually bring people closer to the devices they love. They also offer new ways for multi-location businesses to connect with loyal and prospective customers, no matter the distance from global headquarters.

As people increasingly rely on search, review platforms, social media, and other channels to choose products and services, growing brands need to meet buyers wherever they are to stay competitive. For companies even casually considering overseas expansion, this means optimizing your technology to seamlessly reach anyone at home and abroad.

For a successful international growth strategy, choosing the perfect suite of scalable software is critical—and a listings and reputation management platform should be included. With it, your team will effortlessly create meaningful and revenue-generating relationships without borders getting in the way.

Start Your Future International Strategy Today

Outside of China (where Baidu reigns supreme), no platform influences local SEO success like Google. It’s the place for potential buyers to find your brand, your location, and all of the details that will help them decide whether to choose you over a competitor.

Google is the most frequented search engine worldwide, with a market share of 86% in 2021. Bing, the closest competitor, comes in at around 7% of 2021’s market share, proving Google’s absolute domination—and the importance of ensuring that you can be found on the platform the world over.

To gain real traction on Google and Google Maps, brands need an accurate Google Business Profile (GMB). Without it, your direct local competitors will have a massive advantage when it comes to online visibility. In fact, a Whitespark study says that 36% of a business listing’s ranking weight is tied to your GMB profile! Great listings and reputation management platforms ensure that you get every percentage of that weight—and then some—for every location.

Consumers in every country trust local search to find everything from trendy chain restaurants to trusted healthcare clinics near them. Studies show that around 97% of online users go on search to find local services, and over 46% of all Google inquiries involve local search. Although the secrecy around Google’s algorithm makes it impossible for organizations to completely control online visibility, comprehensive listings and brand management provide a huge leg-up against your competition.

Thanks to special partnerships, teams located anywhere can seamlessly track, manage, and update international online listings and reviews. Pool data, feedback, and analytics from any business location anywhere, at any time.

Even if a store is located thousands of miles away, teams will have the tools necessary to ensure accurate, localized listings. The best are also designed to scale up alongside your multi-location brand domestically and globally.

Connect With Buyers Beyond Borders

Language doesn’t have to be an obstacle if the platform has integrated translation features like Google Translate. Imagine the previously inaccessible insights, data, and conversations that you can gain without a language barrier!

From gaining a better understanding of cross-cultural customer needs or responding to reviews in a foreign language, connect with buyers like never before. With a platform developed for an international clientele, you can make guided, data-backed actions designed to build trust, loyalty, and revenue.

International listing software also guides users through the technical challenges of managing global locations and growing companies. Everything from differing address formats to language barriers presents hurdles that, if not properly resolved, can damage your reputation, buyer trust, and online search results rankings.

With robust listing management software, users will have the tools and support to succeed in local SEO on a large scale. One great feature includes validating a location’s address, phone, and category data before it’s submitted to Google—a huge benefit as every country has different formats and regulations for online search listings.

Internationally-compatible software for companies already with domestic and global locations clearly makes sense. It saves money and time to use a single listing and reputation management platform. But what about those who haven’t taken the international leap?

The proactivity pays off, even if expansion feels far off.

By choosing a platform made to scale up with your business, you’ll avoid risking the substantial costs of switching to a new vendor. As an extra bonus, your team will have the opportunity to confidently command and master the product before going international.

After all, it’s stressful enough to grow a business. Let your tech offer only relief.

Keep Your Reputation Strong All Over the World

A brand’s image may subtly shift from country to country, but fantastic service is always a winning strategy. Whether someone grabs a Starbucks in Berlin, Boston, or Dubai, they expect a stellar customer experience online and off.

Additionally, cultural customer expectations norms can shift between countries. With a reputation management tool, keep a close eye on differences so you can quickly switch strategies if the need arises. It also boosts loyalty and positive online reviews no matter how far a location is from corporate headquarters.

People everywhere trust online reviews—oftentimes as much as a close friend or family member! Brightlocal found that 98% of consumers read reviews online for local businesses and 40% only consider going to stores with an average rating of 4 or higher. With a great reputation management strategy, you’ll create more than happy customers. You’ll create loyal buyers and vocal advocates posting rave reviews from across the planet.

Growing pains are real. As your footprint expands, create the least amount of friction possible by choosing a brand visibility platform designed for domestic and international growth. Then as your worldwide vision materializes, know that you’re ready.

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