Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | August 11, 2020

Introducing: The Chatmeter Analytics Studio

Everyday Chatmeter’s LocationHQ analyzes thousands of locations, reviews, and social media mentions, and more across hundreds of brands. We know first-hand how much data a single brand can analyze within the dashboard at one time. Which is why we’ve made it a little easier. Starting today, every customer will now be able to collect, present, and analyze their LocationHQ data in our new Chatmeter Analytics Studio.

What Is The Chatmeter Analytics Studio?

The Analytics Studio is your business’ centralized repository for honest, unfiltered, and actionable insight direct from your customers.

Why Use Chatmeter Analytics Studio?

The Chatmeter Analytics Studio stores unfiltered raw data and turns it into actionable insights based on the parameters users set. At Chatmeter, we’re always discussing the 5-key areas of Local SEO: Listings, Reviews, Social Media, Rankings, and Competitors. The LocationHQ dashboard pulls in data from all these areas every day – it can be a lot for one person or even an entire team to consume. With Analytics Studio, we help brands built reports that tell a story with their data.

How Does It Work?

The Chatmeter Analytics Studio allows users to create customized reports based on data within the LocationHQ platform. Gone are the days of downloading data from various tabs and putting them together to create your own reports. With Analytics Studio, users can access their data from multiple sources in order to visualize and analyze their data at scale.

We’re giving users the power to customize reports based on their business needs. This means users can create graphs, tables, and scorecards to showcase the areas of success within the dashboard. For example, users can take a look at things like review response rate based on any time period, location, content provider and more. Users can build out reports with multiple components and even add text and images to keep it on-brand and ready to share. With over 40 components built across 8 categories, users can discover insights from the data they want, when they want it.

In addition to building custom reports, the Analytics Studio Plus plan allows users to automate the way they access those reports. Once a user builds a report with their set metrics and design they can schedule them to be sent out to multiple users on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly). Users can even have those reports created and shared with other users based on their access. This way each user only gets the data pertinent to their location or group of locations.

What If I Already Have Tools In Place For This?

For brands that already have a business intelligence team or tools in place, they can get even more out of the Chatmeter Analytics Studio. With our Premium plan, users can export their Analytics Studio data to tools like Tableau, Domo, Spotfire, and Qlik. We’re even cutting all restrictions by allowing users to build their own queries. With Chatmeter’s Analytics Studio brands get everything they need to make confident business decisions with their data.

We know just how hard our customers work at improving their local online presence. That’s why we created the Chatmeter Analytics Studio, to help users to spend less time digging through the data and more time taking action. Request a free demo today.

If you’re a customer and would like to learn more about the Analytics Studio and the different plans available, please contact your Customer Success Manager.