Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | August 4, 2023

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the customer experience for multi-location brands

The rate at which artificial intelligence is evolving can make your head spin. The world is looking to AI to help increase efficiencies, save costs, and even inspire creativity. That said, with great advancement can come great apprehension. Global businesses and politicians are scrambling to stay on top of how to use AI for good while safeguarding against the possible use of AI for nefarious purposes. As governments look to create regulations around AI, many companies search for software utilizing the latest AI technology to help grow their businesses at scale.

But what about the hang-ups businesses face when considering an AI-powered platform? Will the learning curve and cost outweigh the benefits? Naturally, a fear of the unknown may be a roadblock for brands pursuing artificial intelligence. While artificial intelligence intends to make our lives, companies, and the world better; over 40% of businesses are concerned about how AI could impact the workforce, but nearly two-thirds (64%) of business owners believe AI will improve customer relationships. 

When it comes to multi-location reputation management, not all solutions are created equal. But platforms using AI responsibly bring tremendous advantages to multi-location brands. Some  compelling benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency: AI automates repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and productivity for multi-location industries.
  • Data analysis and insights: AI-powered deep listening to unstructured data provides valuable insights for more successful decision-making.
  • Improved accuracy: Time-consuming tasks are performed with precision, reducing human errors and improving overall veracity.
  • Personalization: AI enables personalized customer experiences and provides recommendations for improving CX.

The partnership between AI and reputation management is generating major ROI

Utilizing the benefits of AI for reputation management is a no-brainer. AI-powered technologies increase customer engagement, allow for real-time review responses, and provide insights to better understand the minds of consumers. And despite artificial intelligence developing at lightning speed, the Chatmeter platform was one of the first to integrate AI to help brands glean deeper insights into their customers’ wants, needs, and expectations.

The Chatmeter platform leverages AI and machine learning to surface the online chatter about brands that reside in unstructured data. We first launched Pulse, a sentiment analysis tool that uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NPL) designed to read, analyze, and report on millions of customer reviews and comments about your brand. Next, we harnessed generative AI and released our  AI Generator. This feature empowers brands to connect with customers in real-time, at scale. AI Generator allows for the creation of spot-on social posts, and responding to online reviews with ease, speed, accuracy, and authenticity. These AI advances alone provide significant ROI, and if there is one thing we’re on top of, it’s investing in AI and providing Chatmeter clients with the most valuable customer insights possible.

AI has the power to surface actionable insights

Chatmeter’s latest AI-powered technology analyzes a past calendar year of data and identifies what detractors are saying, based on review data and sentiment analysis across all locations. 

The platform’s dashboard provides a snapshot of what customers’ most pressing areas for concern are, and drills down into each. The AI also provides recommendations on how to resolve the issue and improve CX. Talk about taking the work out of reputation management! 

The AI can filter massive amounts of unstructured data to quickly reveal the most important insights is an absolute game changer for any brand. 

The image above shows the platform’s at-a-glance view of the three key areas of what detractors are saying. Click on View Recommendations to get more context on a specific issue.


Once clicked into View Recommendations, three categories of detractors are displayed, as well as a deeper dive into insights gleaned from the customers’ concerns and recommendations on how to improve the customer experience.


No doubt global business leaders will be keeping a keen eye on AI as the technology evolves, but multi-location brands should be taking immediate advantage of  AI-powered reputation management to grow their businesses. There is no question that today’s AI technology saves companies time and money, and as AI advances, personalization, accuracy, and data insights will bring extraordinary value. 

AI is here to stay, and no multi-location brand should be left in the dust when it comes to utilizing this technology to better understand and connect with customers. As AI advances, one thing’s for sure – Chatmeter will be at the forefront with AI-powered innovations that help multi-location brands take the customer experience to the next level.

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