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Get the most out of every review with AI-backed customer sentiment analysis

Get the most out of every review with AI-backed customer sentiment analysis

The internet never closes, meaning customers write about your brand 24/7 — the good, bad, and the ugly. Especially for location-based enterprises, keeping up with endless streams of reviews, ratings, and feedback can feel like an endless endeavor.

And if you want to properly understand, analyze, and launch brilliant CX strategies based on all that chatter? Forget it — unless your multi-location brand invests in an AI-backed customer sentiment analysis engine.

Fortunately, precisely parsing structured and unstructured data is no longer insurmountable, no matter the size of your team. Peer deep inside the minds of your customers by relying on powerful text and sentiment analysis software and gain a new level of business intelligence (BI). This fast-evolving technology makes it easy for businesses, including direct competitors, to reveal what people think about their brand’s locations, goods, and services. Better yet, these tools help brick-and-mortar brands take agile actions to drive more buyers through their doors.

Here is what any location-based business needs to know about AI-backed sentiment analysis software, and how it provides a visual and highly intuitive way to track trends and pinpoint what matters most to customers.

How does sentiment analysis for location CX work?

Imagine if, with just a few clicks, you’d know how customers felt about your brand. Thanks to innovative advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it’s never been easier to mine game-changing data directly from online feedback.

From seasonal menu changes to patient wait times to customer service agents to the overall shopping experience, customer sentiment software analyzes what people express about businesses via online feedback. By searching for relevant keywords, today’s most robust sentiment analysis platforms use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology by attaching those keywords to customer sentiments. It only takes a glance to understand how customers feel about anything over any timeframe, long or short.

Investing in a cutting-edge customer sentiment analysis platform, organizations gain instant access to at-a-glance sentiment distribution across all their locations. And with a connection to AI and NLP functionalities, brands can sort through their online customer reviews to pinpoint key topics and assign a sentiment class — positive, negative, or neutral.

Ideal for large enterprise multi-location companies, AI-backed sentiment analysis is instrumental because brands can use sentiment data to identify high-performing locations and those that need improvement.

Many platforms also offer store comparison charts to indicate the most common positive and negative topics at each location, within a specific region, or across the entire corporation. With next-level brand intelligence, leaders can confidently make strategic, data-driven business decisions.

What is customer sentiment analysis used for?

Every review has value. Don’t let a single one go to waste! Customer sentiment analysis lets you leverage reviews and comments from channels across the internet and use that honest feedback to your advantage. Take words straight from the voice of your customers (VoC) to make confident, strategic, and revenue-building business decisions.

With robust sentiment and text analytics software, brands instantly gain actionable, real-time metrics from each business location — all presented in an easy-to-understand user interface (UI) or automated report. Small businesses and enterprise brands alike can use sentiment analysis software for:

  • Identifying repeat customer experience issues
  • Uncovering location-based wins and pain points
  • Validating the successes of trial products or services
  • Discovering new and exciting business opportunities
  • Improving local and brand-wide customer satisfaction

Sentiment analysis solutions also save significantly on time and resources. Instead of wasting time sifting through reviews for clues, or making often-inaccurate assumptions, all of the information is presented on a single, easy-to-understand, and fully-customizable dashboard.

Meet Chatmeter’s powerful AI-powered sentiment explorer, Pulse

Pulse is Chatmeter’s AI-backed text and sentiment analysis engine, and we’re proud of its standing as the standard for sentiment analysis in local SEO, listings, and review management. Pulse was trained in-house from the billions of reviews Chatmeter has analyzed over 15 years to make accessing and analyzing customer feedback a breeze.

Built from the ground up by our data science team, Pulse processes VOC feedback at an 88% accuracy score. That’s better than the Stanford, Amazon, and Google NLP models! Pulse delivers honest, unfiltered, and data-driven location CX insights for every store to support brands in filtering through the noise to find the chatter that matters.

“Pulse allows me to track what customers talk about in their reviews. I found our customers primarily talk about our overall customer service and not our product or policies. That information was invaluable to discover!”

Courtney Osbourne, Fath Properties

With the Sentiment Explorer tab, filter by topics, view topic frequency and see how often people post topics with each sentiment. This helps brands identify areas of concern and get to the root of each problem quickly. Additionally, deep text analytics can help users fully understand the context around a topic’s assigned sentiment.

Marketing and operations teams love Pulse’s user-friendly interactive graphs and UI that simplify understanding current or historical data. Get summarized insights about customer feedback, and see the Average Customer Sentiment of your brand over time or during a specific timeframe.

Explore Interactive Pulse Demo

These results are also shown in relation to the number of reviews a brand or location receives. This graph is great for finding trending topics and keywords of interest. Here, users can uncover why there is a rise or drop in sentiment or the number of reviews or ratings coming in.

Users can also track the Sentiment Distribution of customer feedback over time. This chart is great for tracking how successfully a specific location, group of locations, or the entire brand improves CX based on the feedback they receive.

How Pulse provided brand intelligence to help one hospital improve location CX

Recently, an extensive hospital system on the East Coast noticed a rising trend in their Pulse reports. After years of a consistently positive online reputation, their online ratings and Google rankings began to nosedive. As the hospital’s marketing team looked at the Pulse dashboard, they noticed a stark increase in negative customer sentiment and knew they had to do something fast.

In Pulse, the team drilled down into which keywords were consistently tagged as having a negative sentiment. For the first time since investing in Pulse five years ago, the keyword “staff” was tagged and associated with a high negative sentiment.

Using the Store Comparison chart, the hospital marketing team pinpointed the exact times and locations where “staff” was excessively tagged as negative. They also pulled up reviews from these locations and found an alarming number of patient reviews complaining about unprofessional staff who were more concerned about daily gossip than their patients’ care.

After identifying exact locations, the marketing team informed company leadership of their findings, providing plenty of hard data to back them up. The hospital took action and restructured staff at those locations, implemented bedside manners training, and updated its medical professionalism training program to improve the patient experience. Within just a few weeks, negative reviews began to trend down. Today, the hospital is performing better than before making these changes to its training programs.

This is just one of the stories we’ve heard from clients across industries. Explore the interactive Pulse demo, then let’s chat about how Pulse — along with Chatmeter’s full suite of Location CX solutions — can take your brand to the next level of success. Schedule a full demo custom-built for your brand today!

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