Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | June 28, 2023

Chatmeter’s Surveys solution gives you a 360° view of your customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential for managing any business’s reputation.

Whether you’re reading and responding to online reviews, or asking for direct feedback from customers, informative data is vital to driving customer satisfaction and brand growth. And one of the most powerful ways to gather highly targeted consumer insights is by creating and sending surveys.

Surveys have long been used to understand how a consumer truly feels about a brand, product, service, or pricing. Traditionally surveys were delivered via phone or mail where response rates ranged from 5% to 30%, or even lower due to inconvenience, lack of interest, or time constraints. With the creation of online surveys, companies can not only create and distribute surveys more efficiently, but the methods for distributing surveys to customers is far more versatile. These days, businesses can reach consumers through email, text, QR codes, social media, and more. Not only does this lead to broader outreach, but customers can now respond to surveys on the go, which means your brand acquires more CX insights.

Chatmeter has re-imagined our survey solution.

Brands can now easily create, customize, and distribute robust surveys, and then analyze their participant feedback, all from the Chatmeter dashboard. With Surveys you gain a deeply specific understanding of what your customers think, feel, expect, and desire – so you can make better decisions about your business strategy.

So what is it exactly that makes Surveys so powerful? Let’s dive in.

  • Formats for all different types of questions 

Choose from 20+ different question formats from radio buttons, checkboxes, NPS, ratings, drop-down, and more. Give each and every question the format it deserves.

  • Multi-page options for a better participant experience

If you want to keep your survey-takers engaged, best practices suggest flowing your questions across multiple pages. Three-to-five questions per page are optimal for creating an easy click-thru experience.

  • Choose your own adventure with survey logic

Let’s say you’d like your customers to rate their experience with a particular product. You create a question with a list of products to choose from, but then you’d like to ask some follow-up questions specific to the product they chose. Our branching logic allows you to do just that. By customizing the path that your survey respondent takes, they’ll only see the questions that make sense for them, resulting in clean, intelligent data!

  • Distribute surveys in a way that makes sense for your business

Knowing your customer base is important when deciding how to distribute your survey. Do you have a mostly millennial customer base that will be on their mobile devices, or will you be surveying a panel at a conference? Whoever your audience, and however they prefer to engage, Surveys has options for distribution via email invitation, SMS text message, or a link – which can be plugged into any QR code generator.

  • Brand recognition opportunities

Did you know that 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual? That’s a lot of brain space! Surveys gives you the ability to add your brand logo or an image, so you can make the topic of your survey pop.

If these robust improvements haven’t pumped you up enough – know that a whopping 91% of consumers believe that companies must fuel innovation by deeply listening to their customers. Organizations that actively solicit feedback, and implement tangible changes in response, are more likely to make their customers feel valued and understood.

Chatmeter’s Surveys provides businesses with another opportunity to supercharge their brand reputation through data and insights – all from a single platform. That’s what we call closing the brand experience loop!

Want to see our slick survey tool in action? Check it out here!