Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | December 28, 2018

Chatmeter Releases Review Generation Feature

Recently, review generation has been a hot topic in the local SEO community and for good reason; what’s the point in monitoring your reviews if you don’t have any to monitor? That is exactly the reason Chatmeter has further evolved its local reputation and SEO dashboard to include their own review generation feature!

Review Builder “The building blocks of a healthy reputation”

In the second half of 2016, Chatmeter, a leader in local search marketing and reputation management, announced the implementation of their review generation service – Review Builder. This feature, in the already streamlined Chatmeter platform, further helps agencies and large retailers effectively manage their marketing analytics by handing them the tools that will create a positive online presence and reputation. By reaching out directly to your businesses customers, Chatmeter collects honest feedback in the form of a review. In turn, positive reviews can then be posted to review platforms like Yelp! and be used to positively promote your business online, while negative reviews can be handled offline before they have any chance at damaging your brands reputation.

What Review Builder can do for your company:

  • Increase online presence: Review Builder takes the positive reviews it generates and promotes them online, improving your page 1 rankings. We found that higher quantity of reviews greatly increases your businesses rankings.
  • Prevent negative reviews from going public: By being proactive and reaching out to customers for reviews, it eliminates the need for them to go onto public platforms to vent
  • Retain more customers: By showing customers that your business is listening to their feedback, you will create a loyal customer base to rely on
  • Enhance your reputation online: Promoting and maintaining positive information helps your business stand out online

 “Review Builder was designed from the customer’s point of view. We recognized that businesses hardly ever gave customers the chance to leave their feedback, thus driving the customers to go online and share their dissatisfaction publicly in order to be heard. Review Builder gives the customers the resources to express their feelings whether they are positive or negative. Businesses can then use that customer feedback to simultaneously market their successes and improve upon the presented issues.”  – Collin Holmes, Founder and CEO, Chatmeter

About Chatmeter

Chatmeter helps enterprise retail brands and agencies managing multiple locations increase their revenue. Since being the first Local Brand Management platform in 2009, they now analyze and improve over 1,500,000 storefronts for their reviews, rankings, and listings.

They help retailers make a distinct impact on revenue by identifying several areas in their online presence that drives customers to choose their stores over competitors. Chatmeter takes this a step further with the only integrated local visibility rank tracker so you can measure ROI using a complete local presence management platform in the world. As an exclusive Yelp Knowledge Partner, Chatmeter enables its clients to have the ability to display full-text Yelp reviews, along with existing data streams from other channels such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Tripadvisor, Yahoo and many industry-specific review sites.

The benefit for the clients is complete online presence management simplified into a single platform. They also power a white-label reputation management platform for many agencies across the U.S. and Canada.Some clients include Kohl’s, Lincoln Property Company, Tire Kingdom, Comcast, Aaron’s, Bruegger’s Bagels, Auto Trader, and Verizon Wireless.