Author | Chatmeter TeamDate Posted | January 22, 2019

Achieve Local SEO Supremacy through Facebook Locations

Facebook has quickly substantiated itself as a major player in the search engine and review generation industry.

*According to the Chatmeter platform, Facebook has outpaced Google and Yelp in generating more customer reviews each month in the past year.

With over 1.7 billion active users, Facebook has now become the go-to for consumer reviews and yet tons of brands have no idea that they have all these store pages with customer reviews on them! See how Facebook has been impacting all businesses in North America and the most efficient way to leverage your store pages to drive customers into your stores and increase revenue.

Imagine a world where just about every shopper is a Facebook user and every business owner is able to manage the perceptions that customers have of their brand, all through a single source. This is the direction that Facebook is headed.

They’re creating an all-inclusive service which gives business owners with multiple locations the ability to accurately track and manage all data and information on their connected “child” store pages underneath a single corporate “parent” brand page.

Facebook is good for businesses because:

  • They are easily able to navigate store pages
  • They can read and manage all of their online reviews
  • They can improve or change location data on any page
  • They can post directly to individual store pages from the corporate page

Based on information taken from our platform, the claiming of these Facebook pages helped to contribute to one of our clients seeing as high as a 3600% increase in Google Maps rankings. We correlated this increase in NAP consistency across Facebook pages to the “trust” a business has with Google.

Facebook is now considered a major search site, so other sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing look to see that the info is managed properly and is correct across all sites. This is exactly why tracking local rankings is so vital, because over 50% of the local listing ranking factors for a business involve NAP consistency.

There are now millions of unclaimed pages, with missing information, incorrect data, possible negative reviews and inappropriate pictures causing those unaware businesses rankings to fall and lose customer support. Finding, claiming, and connecting these pages takes time. Time, that a lot of business owners do not have. The easiest way to claim and begin managing all of your brands page is with a software tool.

Chatmeter’s local listing management solution allows you to easily find all of your brand’s unclaimed pages and connect them to your parent page. This includes clearing duplicates, fixing incorrect information and improving your business’ NAP consistency across the web.