28 Surprising Stats That Prove The Power Of Online Reviews [2022]
Author | Alex C.
Date Posted | January 23, 2022



We’ve all heard how important online reviews on Yelp, Google, and other platforms are to the success of any business. Still, countless brands aren’t taking the action necessary to build a great review and reputation management strategy designed to grow revenue, enhance the customer experience, and increase loyalty.

Yes, these strategies do take work. However, they pay off more than you can imagine. Not only will a great review management process positively impact your bottom line. As more brands invest heavily into their own review management strategies, starting or up-leveling now will keep you well ahead of the competition. After all, who wants to be left behind?

Still not fully convinced? Don’t take our word for it. Read these data-backed online review statistics that support the growing need for every brand to implement strong review management now!


Stats On How Reviews Impact Consumers

Consumers are reading online reviews to make decisions about your brand. Today, consumers write reviews to engage with brands and to share their experiences with other people looking to make a decision. Brands that engage with reviewers not only show current customers they care but they encourage new customers to choose their brand over the competition.












Stats About Online Reviews Sites

For brands to engage with reviewers, they have to claim, manage, optimize their local business listings. Listing and review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor earn millions of reviews each year. Here’s why your brand needs to keep their listings accurate on review sites.

  • Consumers reading reviews on mobile are 127% more likely to buy than those on desktop
  • Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase from brands with 4.0 – 4.7 star ratings



Stats About Yelp Reviews and Ratings

Yelp is an essential review platform across industries from restaurants and retail to banks and healthcare services, you can’t ignore the power that Yelp reviews can have on your business and bottom line. Still not convinced it’s worth the effort? Maybe these stats will make you rethink that sentiment.


Stats About Google Reviews and Ratings

Here’s a bonus fact: As of April 2022, over 92% of all online searches worldwide are on Google! Needless to say, if your brand doesn’t prioritize optimizing your Google Business Profile and Google review strategy, you’re almost certainly losing sales to willing customers. Here are more facts to show why Google is truly the cream of the online search crop.



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