Few industries are as reliant on their online reputation or digital ‘word of mouth’ as the multi-family housing market. Over 90% of potential residents search resident feedback and other available data online before deciding which facilities to tour and consider for their housing needs. Reputation Management and managing your local seo listings have never been more critical for the multi-family industry.
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  • 74% of apartment seekers who responded said reviews on sites such as have a significant impact on choosing their next living space.
  • 91 negative reviews online can cost a local resident living property as many as 20 potential resident visits or tours.
  • Of the list of industries most impacted by online reviews/comments ‘Hotels/Lodging/ Apartments’ came in at #2, only behind Restaurants. (source:
  • Local search directories make up over 60% of the local search market online and unclaimed page listings can cost you dozens of potential residents weekly.


Lincoln Property Company Utilizes Chatmeter to Increase Web Traffic 200%

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Online Reputation Management for Property Managers

By providing actionable data through our All-in-One location based online reputation platform, Chatmeter provides residential entities an easy to use dashboard that allows them to ensure their properties will be put in front of those actively searching online for properties in their area, as well as tracking current and post-relationship resident/customer engagement.

Our comprehensive reputation management platform helps property managers and corporate team members monitor/manage all online reviews (not just brand monitoring) at the local level, social media chatter and local SEO efficiency including source links and recommendations to quickly improve their local search visibility and directory rankings.