Get More Out Of Your Customer Feedback with Chatmeter’s Pulse

What’s New With Our Text and Sentiment Analysis Engine?

Chatmeter's Pulse Sentiment Analysis Engine | Blog


This week, Chatmeter began rolling out a new and improved version of our AI-backed text and sentiment analysis tool, Pulse. Pulse has been a long-time customer favorite which is why we’re excited to offer even more functionality to the tool. Here’s a look at all the great things Pulse can help multi-location brands and agencies do. 


What is Chatmeter’s Pulse?

Pulse is Chatmeter’s text and sentiment analysis engine, the newest updates make it the New Standard for Sentiment Analysis in the Local SEO and Review Management Industry designed to help brands filter through the noise of their customer feedback. This tool makes it easy for brands to get honest unfiltered insight into the customer experience at every business location. 


What Does Pulse Do? 

Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Breakdown reviews to give users at-a-glance text analytics. 
  • Identify and track the sentiment of every topic within a review. 
  • Use a natural language processing (NLP) model built in-house by our data science team to process customer feedback at an 88% accuracy score (that’s better than the Stanford, Amazon, and Google NLP models).
  • Compare sentiment distribution across locations.
  • Track common topics and sentiment trends over time. 


How does Pulse work? 

Pulse sorts through customer reviews or surveys in order to pinpoint key topics and assign a sentiment class (positive, negative, or neutral) to the topic. For multi-location brands and agencies, this can be a life-saver because it means users spend less time organizing, reading, and analyzing hundreds or even thousands of reviews every month.


Because Chatmeter’s Pulse is such an advanced text and sentiment analysis tool, users can get a better understanding of the customer experience at scale.  Brands can identify which products, services, or staff members are detracting from or adding to the quality of the expected customer experience at every location. Reviews are filled with a ton of honest feedback, Pulse helps to turn that feedback into actionable insight so brands can make confident business decisions. 


Pulse Sentiment Explorer

One of the most noticeable changes to the Pulse tool is the sentiment explorer “sunburst”. This tool helps users dive deep into category, topic, and attribute sentiments. The interactive chart is designed to help users understand the average sentiment for each topic and its related attributes with color-coded segments. It starts by featuring larger categories but as users click into a topic of interest they can get more specific data.


Chatmeter's Pulse Sentiment Analysis Sunburst Animation


“Pulse gives a deeper dive into the sentiment value attached to every keyword – like a live and more accurate version of the word cloud. Understanding where our negative and positive sentiments are coming from is of incredible benefit to us.” – The One Group


Brands can also use the sentiment explorer tab to filter by topics and check out the frequency of topics mentioned or the distribution of sentiment types towards each topic. This helps brands identify areas of concern and get to the root of each problem quickly. Below the sunburst, users can find statement-level text analytics designed to help users digest reviews at scale. This makes it easy to get context around the topics and their assigned sentiment. 



Summary Insights

Another new feature to our Pulse tool is the ability to get summary insights on customer feedback. Two new interactive graphs make it easy for users to dive into historical data.




The average sentiment graph shows the average sentiment over time and its relation to the number of reviews a brand or location receives. This graph is great for finding points of interest that may uncover why there is a rise in positive sentiment or the number of reviews at a particular point in time. 



The second graph we added allows users to track the sentiment distribution of customer feedback over time. This chart is great for tracking how a location, group of locations, or the brand as a whole is improving the customer experience based on the feedback they receive.


Store Comparison

With this new and improved version of Pulse, users now have the ability to compare sentiment by location. For enterprise multi-location brands, location-based sentiment analysis is incredibly useful because brands can use sentiment data to identify the locations that are top performers, or those that need help improving the customer experience. The store comparison chart even calls out the most common positive and negative topics at each location. Users can have complete confidence in making business decisions based off Pulse insights. 



What is Sentiment Analysis Used For?

Chatmeter’s Pulse uses sentiment and text analytics to gain actionable insight from each business location.

Enterprises use Pulse for sentiment analysis to:

  • Identify repeat issues.
  • Identify location-based issues.
  • Validate new product or service success.
  • Discover new business opportunities.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • And much more.


We’ve worked hard rebuilding our Pulse text and sentiment analysis tool. At 88% accuracy, it’s one of the smartest NLP systems for customer feedback. Pulse was trained in-house from the billions of reviews Chatmeter has analyzed in the past 10 years to make analyzing customer feedback a breeze. Want to see how Pulse can help your brand? Request a free brand audit today.