Apple Business Connect 101: Everything Multi-Location Businesses Need to Know

Our expert listings team delivered a primer on how multi-location businesses can put Apple Business Connect to work for their brand.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • How Apple Business Connect works
  • Why it should be part of your business strategy
  • The new features to help you manage, measure, and grow your multi-location business
  • Common mistakes companies make and how to avoid them
Watch the recording
Get insights, not just data

So much customer feedback, so little time. Let our AI analyze it all and send you the insights into where your customers are happy and where they’re not.

Get competitive intel for every location

See where your locations are falling short quickly and easily. Get insights from each location and see how they compare to their competition. It’s easy with AI. 

Identify issues earlier

Find poorly performing locations, service issues or critical emergencies right away. Go from the big picture of your brand performance all the way down to each location. All in real time.

Trusted by hundreds of
multi-location brands worldwide

Go from customer feedback to insights to action

The groundbreaking AI in the Chatmeter platform is built to give multi-location businesses unparalleled insights into every location. Identify issues earlier, see competitive opportunities before anyone else and start winning.

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Chatmeter is powering results every day

“We have been using Chatmeter at a higher level. Whenever a franchisee wants to open a new location we look at Chatmeter reviews, participation on the platform, and whether the store managers are trained on Chatmeter. This is part of our scorecard that determines whether they can open a new location. ”

—A&W spokesperson

Watch the recording.