Engage with Local Customers to Build Trust and Loyalty

Optimize your multi-location business’s online presence and outshine the competition with revenue-generating reputation management solutions. As most brands are now online, it takes more than getting found on search for customers to choose you over the rest. You need a stellar, scroll-stopping reputation.

Pulse Customer Sentiment Analysis

Filter through the noise and discover actionable insights with Pulse. Chatmeter’s AI-powered text and sentiment analysis engine intuitively reads, analyzes, and reports on millions of customer reviews about your brand. Pulse leads the industry with an accuracy score of 88%. With Pulse, you can uncover common sentiment themes and trends from your customer reviews and track review quantity and quality.

How Visible is Your Brand?

Our Local Brand Visibility (LBV) scoring system measures your online presence across five key areas. Adopt the Chatmeter platform and watch your brand’s LBV score tick up as you take data-driven actions to improve your reputation and visibility. You can even see how your LBV stacks up against your competitors’ scores! The Workflow tool saves you time, money, and energy by managing your online presence from one intuitive dashboard—all while driving your LBV up the charts.

Review Response Doesn’t Have to Drain Your Resources

Daunted by the need to respond to 100s or even 1000s of online reviews? Speed up review response without requiring more resources or extra billable hours. Our Suggested Response functionality uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver the most appropriate response to any review. With Chatmeter you can:

•Achieve a less than five-second response time for a single review
•Access and choose from the top three suggested responses in a few clicks
•Leverage relevant industry, customer sentiment, and review-rating data fast


Report On the Data that Matters Most

Analyze, share, and compare in-depth, actionable data with Analytics Studio. Our reports and data visualizations let you gather information from across multiple locations and platforms. Easily track results over time, pivot strategies based on real-time stats, see how your numbers stack up against competitors, and so much more.

Bulk Response Saves Time and Money

Overwhelmed by the number of online customer reviews that require a response? Relax! Our bulk response tool cuts the review response workload in half. Engage with more people in less time so you can dedicate yourself to what you do best—delighting your customers.