BrightView, a growing addiction treatment center, was looking for a reliable solution to help improve the overall patient experience and enable patient discovery. Here's how Chatmeter's partnership helped them improve online reputation, visibility, and patient satisfaction.


BrightView Addiction Center

BrightView Addiction Center is a rapidly expanding organization dedicated to supporting patients as they recover from substance abuse issues. By utilizing personalized treatment plans designed for every patient’s unique needs, BrightView creates a positive, respectful environment in an outpatient setting.


As BrightView more than tripled in size in about two years, the leadership team wanted to ensure that their extraordinary patient experience and treatment standards were consistently met at every location of their addiction treatment centers. They also saw the addiction treatment industry growing larger and more competitive than ever. With a desire to actively promote the successes of their positive, people-first patient care as a compelling edge, BrightView decided to launch a comprehensive online reputation management strategy.


To keep up with growth and ensure consistent patient care, BrightView sought a comprehensive solution to manage and improve its online reputation on a local level. They also wanted to easily track, analyze, and respond to online patient reviews across various review channels on a single platform. After a referral to Chatmeter from another healthcare brand, BrightView chose to invest in the software. From onboarding on, the team felt the positive impact that not only came from Chatmeter’s all-in-one brand management solutions, but also from their hands-on expert support and training.

With Reputation Management, BrightView can now easily follow, analyze, and respond to every customer review on a single feed. The Workflow task management tool alerts them whenever a new review gets posted. They’re also sent reminders to reply to reviews in a timely manner. Other great tools include Pulse, Chatmeter’s sentiment analysis tool which provides BrightView with illuminating insights into real-time customer sentiment. By analyzing every review that comes in, Pulse highlights the most popular words and phrases from BrightView’s recent customer reviews. BrightView also added specific keywords into Pulse which will alert the team whenever that keyword is used in a review. This offers unparalleled insights into what their customers really think about their services.


After six months with Chatmeter, BrightView saw a massive boost in their online visibility, reputation, and search ranking metrics as well as a:

  • 387% increase in five-star reviews
  • 99.3% increase in Google page on rankings
  • 28% increase in overall positive reviews

Additionally, their total search appearances soared by 237%, website clicks by 134%, phone calls by 149%, and driving directions by 179%. As of January 2022, BrightView has a fantastic 93% review response rate — astonishingly higher than the industry average of 35%. Thanks to Chatmeter’s support and solutions, BrightView now has the tools to keep taking its reputation management strategies and successes to the next level.


Chatmeter has been instrumental in simplifying our reputation management efforts … We look forward to continuing to work with Chatmeter.

Colin Jeffries, Marketing Director
at BrightView


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