Express Oil and Brakes Plus

Express Oil & Tire Engineers and Brakes Plus has always focused on growth. Today, the team operates 400+ corporate and franchise locations across the country. See how the automotive chain partnered with Chatmeter to improve their customer experience at all of their locations.

The first Tire Engineers launched in 1979. In 2017, they acquired Brakes Plus, adding more than 100 new locations to their portfolio and expanding their service offering to include more mechanical work. Express Oil & Tire Engineers and Brakes Plus has always focused on growth. Today, the team operates over 400 stores across the country.

The Challenge

With so many stores, the team behind the brand found it increasingly challenging to build scalable online reputation and listings management processes. Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Kelsey Sapp, explains, “It was becoming very overwhelming to use all the different platforms to update our listings and respond to reviews. We needed one place to go, and we needed a team of experts to work with.” So, they started searching for a solution.

The Solution

While other reputation management software solutions exist, none are designed to scale as seamlessly as Chatmeter. After evaluating several options, internal marketing leaders opted to invest in Chatmeter, as their all-in-one solution to help them manage hundreds of store locations. Director of Digital Marketing, Rod Black notes, “With growth comes more reviews, and more reviews to respond to and manage.” With a robust brand reputation management dashboard, leaders at all levels have insight into brand performance. Location-based dashboards allow various stores to easily manage listings and respond to reviews. Meanwhile, corporate leadership has access to higher-level insights that spotlight overall brand performance.

The Results

Having the ability to manage reviews and replies at scale alleviated a huge burden for the marketing team managing the company’s expansive brand.

Director of Digital Marketing, Rod Black, says, “[With Chatmeter,] we’re able to see all our reviews in a very organized manner and can respond effectively, quickly, and efficiently. The review response tool gives us the ability to respond to reviews in bulk with rotating templates we can customize.”

In one year with Chatmeter, Oil Express & Tire Engineers, and Brakes Plus achieved

    • 92% response rate vs. the competitor’s average rate of 56%
    • 100% listing accuracy on Google and Yelp
    • 43% increase in maps impressions
    • 22% increase in unbranded searches

“With growth comes more reviews — and more reviews to respond to and manage. It was necessary for us to find a service like Chatmeter in order to manage our reviews in the most effective way possible.”

Rod Black, Director of Digital Marketing

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  • Increase their review response rates
  • Better understand customer sentiment
  • Create greater trust and loyalty
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