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As many as 74% of consumers are relying on social media to guide their purchasing decisions. Yet many businesses continue to struggle with their abilities to monitor social posts and engage with customers on a local level. Stop missing what customers are saying and start managing your online presence with Chatmeter’s location-based social analytics platform.
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Redefine Social: Let’s Get Local


Our solution to social media management gives brands the power to control every aspect of their social presence on the most local level. Designed specifically for the needs of multi-location brands and digital agencies, our dashboard ensures that you never miss an opportunity to be a part of the conversations that matter, right from the very start.

Highly Targeted Social Monitoring

Social media is a non-stop flow of information and conversations – attempting to listen to, and analyze all of them is beyond overwhelming. A detailed, real-time geographic heat map shows you exactly where and when the conversations are happening based on the number and frequency of posts that are relevant to your business.

For businesses with a more generic name such as “The Village”, it can be beyond difficult to sort through millions of social posts to determine which users are talking about your locations rather than that of another brand. Geofencing allows you to filter social posts by region, city, or even down to a few blocks from your individual locations, ensuring that you’re only monitoring the posts that are actually talking about your locations – Now that’s getting local!


Social Media Analytics

Hashtag Metrics and Trend Analysis brings you deeper insights into your customers and your social campaigns. Understand what hot topics your customers are discussing, which of your campaigns are gaining the most traction and what posts have generated the highest engagement levels.

Pulse, our built-in-house sentiment analysis software, was integrated directly into the social management platform, giving you the ability to summarize what customers are saying about your brand. Pulse will highlight positive social posts and pinpoint negative issues that need to be addressed.


Social Publishing

Built specifically with enterprises in mind, our social publishing tool gives brands the flexibility to send and schedule posts to any of their individual locations or bulk post to a customized selection of multiple locations.

The ease by which business managers, store owners or even corporate executives can send social updates makes Chatmeter’s social tool the easiest, most effective way for brands to post engaging social content.


Organic, Web­based Search Rank Tracking

Never miss another conversation – An integrated live stream of your social news feeds gives you the ability to follow and join key conversations in real time.

Discover the most relevant posts – A built in search tool allows you to find and filter conversations by #hashtags, @mentions or “specific phrases”.

Customized Reporting

Benchmark your efforts and learn how to improve your social media presence. Track and analyze all of your brand mentions, increases and decreases in fans/followers, and the number of posts relevant to your locations. Compare all of your data to local competitors in order to understand which stores are excelling and which stores need improvements.

Compare all of your data to local competitors to better understand which stores are excelling and which stores need improvements.

of the mentions are being missed by traditional “brand-monitoring” tools! Posts on sites like Yelp, Foursquare, or Facebook Places don’t even mention the brand. For example: “Had a great dinner here, but the bathrooms were dirty”. Stop missing over half of what your customers are saying by using chatmeter’s location-based social analytics platform.

Stop Missing It All! Capture All the Social Media Chatter About Your Brand


Analyze All Your Mentions

Most location-based mentions are tagged to a local search or social page for that brand, so the customer doesn’t mention the brand at all. For example: “Had a great dinner here, but the bathrooms were dirty.” With our location-based social media platform, we aggregate all of this content along with all mentions of your brand and can tag most content down to the individual location.

Target Business Objectives

Target and filter mentions about key categories and customer experiences. Target positive and negative sentiment, along with other key areas of focus.

Save Time

Find all of your Social Media chatter and analytics in one convenient location.

Don’t Stress Over Your Social Accounts! ChatExec Will Manage Them For Your


ChatExec Services

Do you want to engage more with your customers on social media, but don’t have the bandwidth or resources to constantly monitor all of your social sites?

Engaging with your customers is fun and exciting, yet maintaining an active relationship with them online across all of your locations can take up a lot of time. With ChatExec we will automatically post company and industry-specific content and share any special events, announcements, sales or promotions for your business.